The Use of Electricity and Its Applications

In this modern era, the use of electricity and its applications have become an important part of everyday life. Starting from household activities to large industries, the use of electrical energy has become the main power for various activities.

From lighting to the use of sophisticated electronic devices, it cannot be denied that electrical energy has changed the way we live our lives. The use of electricity and its applications can be seen below:

1. Watching TV

The first activity that uses electrical energy is clearly watching television. When watching television, the device consumes electrical energy to carry out a number of complex processes.

First, electrical power is used to power the screen, be it an LCD, LED or plasma screen.

Furthermore, internal components such as the motherboard, processor, and active sound system, require electrical power to process audio and video signals received from TV channels or external devices.

Even in standby mode, the television still uses a small amount of power to keep the device ready for instant use.

2. Cellphone Charging

The cellphone charging process involves the transformation of electrical energy from an external source (charger) into the device battery.

This charger converts electric current from a power source into a format suitable for recharging a cellphone battery.

During the charging process, electrical energy is converted into chemical energy which is stored in the battery for later use.

3. Turn on the fan

When the fan is turned on, the motor inside starts to spin, creating a refreshing flow of air around it. This motor requires electrical power to produce the required rotational movement. Most modern fans use efficient electric motors to drive the fan.

4. Laptop charging

Laptops use electrical power to charge the battery when connected to an external power source.

This charging process involves converting electrical energy into chemical energy which is stored in the laptop battery.

During charging, electrical power is used to power various laptop components including charging the battery and keeping the device ready.

5. Playing on the computer/PC

Playing on a computer or PC requires significant use of electrical energy. The processor, graphics card, RAM and other hardware work simultaneously to run the game or application being played.

All of these components require electrical power to operate and process data quickly so that users can enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

6. Turning on the lamp

Lamps are one of the main sources of lighting in most homes and buildings. When a lamp is turned on, electricity flows through the wires in the bulb, causing the filament to heat and produce light.

Alternatively, in LED or energy-saving lamps, electricity is converted directly into light through a semiconductor process.

7. Turning on the refrigerator

A refrigerator is a household device that is constantly connected to a power source. This requires electrical energy to run the compressor that cools the space in the refrigerator.

Every time the refrigerator door is opened, the light inside also uses electrical power.

Although the refrigerator functions as food storage, its use of electrical energy also contributes to maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the food stored inside.

8. Ironing clothes

The iron uses electrical energy to heat the heating element inside.

When the power button is pressed, electrical power flows through the heating element, causing the temperature on the surface of the iron to increase.

As the iron is moved over the fabric, the heat from the heating element transfers to the garment, smoothing out wrinkles and creases.

10. Using Speakers

Speakers need electrical power to convert electrical signals into sound waves that can be heard by listeners.

This is done through the movement of the membrane or cone inside the speaker which is produced by an electric current passing through the electromagnetic components inside.

The greater the amplitude of the electric current received, the louder the sound produced by the speaker.

That is an explanation of the use of electricity and its Applications. In the discussion above, there are ten activities that can emit electrical energy.

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