Department of History and Tourism - Diamond jubilee celebrations



'Stellarchives' the archive of the College was set up in the year 2010-2011.

" In order to find joy in God, we must know Him."  

- Blessed Mary of the Passion


Congratulations Stella Maris class IMBA 2015


Blessed Mary of the Passion.

Stella Maris College is managed by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, (FMM) founded by Blessed Mary of the Passion. The vision and ideals of the FMM provide the College with its spiritual roots.

Highlights of Fellowships this summer

Dr J Maria Sasitha, Head Department of Sociology, writes about her experience at IASACT, in the Chinese University of Hongkong, where working together on intra-Asian cultural and theological understanding has broadened her perspective about Asians as well as on theology ..More