Mid-Century Living Room Decor

The interior design of a mid-century modern living room basically has a spacious room and large windows for the circulation of the air and sunlight.

The colors often used in the interior design of the living room are warm colors like wood brown, olive green, mustard, orange, yellow, grey, and turquoise.

Decorations that need to be presented in this room are lamps such as chandeliers and bulb lights so that it is created a dramatic impression on the room. Other decorations are ornaments that have geometric patterns or like wool and knitted fabrics.

If you are interested in implementing the interior design of a modern mid-century living room for your house. Check out the following 10 inspirations!

10 Mid-century Living Room Interior Ideas

1. The interior design of the living room with brown furniture

brown furniture

The first, the interior design of a mid-century living room is dominated by brown furniture, such as sofas and coffee tables. The coffee table has a unique shape on the legs that make up geometric patterns.

Although the size of the coffee table is small, the coffee table can be a focal point in the interior design of a modern mid-century living room.

2. Interior design living room with herringbone motif carpet

erringbone motif carpet

In order to make the interior design of a mid-century living room has a modern feel, use a fluffy carpet with a herringbone motif in soft color. Feel free to use 2 sofas in which shape and color difference in one room.

Because the carpet already has a herringbone motif, you can use a coffee table that has a pretty curve like this. Add the chandelier in the corner of the room to illuminate your activities at night.

3. Electric-saving living room

Electric-saving living room

The main characteristic of modern mid-century living room interior design is large of the window. The function of this large window is that the entire corner in the living room will look bright because of the sunlight. Therefore, you can save electricity in the morning and during the day.

In addition, a large minimalist window can help you enjoy the front yard or backyard garden without leaving the home. In this living room interior design, you can add the old popular furniture.

4. A little blue touch

blue touch

If brown color gives a warm impression, then the blue color is able to give you a cheerful and gentle impression on the interior design of the living room. The white-colored living room walls are well-matched with sofas and ottoman.

5. Exposed walls focal point

exposed walls

The Focal point that will be seen when you see the interior of this living room is the exposed brick wall. The ambiance is warm and natural when coupled with wooden furniture.

6. The warm interior design of the living room

 Warm interior design of the living room

This modern mid century living room looks warm with the presence of A medium-sized coffee table in the middle of the room and also with the presence of a warm-colored sofa.

The dim light of the decorative lights on the interior design of the living room creates a very comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Furniture is complete, do not forget to roll out the short fluffy carpet so that when there are many guests to come they can freely sit down on the carpet.

7. A touch of black

touch of black
Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

The interior design of a mid-century modern living room is also legitimate to use all-black color. For example, this living room interior design.

You can use a black accent on one of the Sofa. It can also use a thick carpet with black and white stripe motifs.

8. Mid-century living room with a simple setup

simple setup

In general, modern mid-century interior design is applied to the large-sized of the house. But if don’t have it, you can still implement the interior design of the living room in a small house.

Choose furniture that has a suitable size for your room. Then determine the focal point of the living room like a high-rise coffee table and use a pillowcase with a contrast color.

If you want to use a carpet, just use the size that does not exceed a quarter of the living room.

9. Bright Living room interior design

Bright Living room

Although it dominated by brown color, the interior design of a modern mid century living room can also look brighter. Most of the furniture used is brown color, but it can still look bright because of a triangular patterned carpet with a light blue and orange color.

The color selection of the art wall also contributes to the bright atmosphere. If you want to add something unique to the interior design of this living room, you can use a cabinet and bookshelves.

10. Dominated by gray color

Dominated by gray color

The mid-century living room that is dominated by gray color will look beautiful despite it is not having many decorations. The mid-century furniture used in the interior design of the living room has a diverse form. With the touch of gold metal ornaments, it is good enough to beautify the interior design of the living room.

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