Rustic Interior Design

The Rustic interior design is literally a simple, unartsy and rough concept design. Rustic interior style can be translated as a style in the architecture design and interior that is focused on the natural impression. It can be seen from the material that is unfinished or mashed, for example like wood, stone, metal, and so on.

This style is a blend of the raw things on the interior arrangement. Not only in Country-style homes, but Rustic style can also be matched with modern style.

Rustic design concept tends to accentuate the natural impression because it can be seen clearly with wood texture directly without being coated by paint.

Rough impression can also be obtained because the use of various furniture in this rustic concept does not experience the completion stage of painting. This was then known by the name of the rustic concept.

The impression you will get if using this concept in a space is a sense of natural warmth and comfort. The vibe of warmth is there because of the natural wood texture effect and color selection of furniture that tends to be soft and natural.

The Atmosphere of Rustic Interior Design

rustic atmosphere

Rustic style is like presenting a natural atmosphere into the room, for example with the use of wood material that seems to be brought directly from nature into the room. The wood texture that is still visible and feels rough with its natural brown color is able to bring the atmosphere of the forest present into the room.

Rustic style as a rustic interior design style describes various types of emphasis in nature and natural elements. This rustic style is based on environmental awareness using material materials from nature that can be processed using method 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) such as wood, bamboo, rocks and so on.

In the rustic style, usually, the material is not given a finishing touch or finish so it is impressed as it is in accordance with the original manipulation of the material. For example, bricks are being exposed, patch the natural stone and roof structure with wood material that is left as the original. Since it rarely uses finishing, the rustic style is more environmentally friendly at the processing stage.

What’s make it Rustic?

The key elements of rustic design styles are wood, natural stone, metal, wrought iron, and other natural materials like cotton, linen, wool, and leather. The rustic interior design takes you to the rustic nature with the dominance of a brown palette.

If you want additional bright colors, choose room Accessories from other color palettes to improve the mood of the room. Where increasing the mood of the room is intended to add a cheerful or colored impression in space, not monotonous. The dominant color is the color of a strong material impression, such as gray, terracotta, black, and wood brown.

The use of rustic style can be seen from the characteristic design that has rough and messy textures, exposed stone walls and the furniture of wooden chunks that are not finely sanded or rusty chandeliers. It’s all a Rustic style characteristic.

In this era of Go Green design, Rustic style is very precise added in the interior arrangement because this style can use unused items such as twigs, cans or items that are already unused for the display of space ornaments.

Rustic Home Interior

The rustic interior design is great to use in various rooms in the house such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and all rooms in the house.

1. Rustic Living Room

rustic living room interior design

The living room or family room is a room that is often used to gather with friends, closest friends, and family. Concept of the rustic living room if combined with modern style will give the impression of the intimate and warmer feel. The luxurious and classic impression will make us comfortable in this living room.

2. Bedroom Rustic Interior Design

rustic bedroom interior design

The rustic style use in the bedroom area should be precise. If not using the right layout design then the rustic impression on the bedroom will look irregular and not neat. But if the use of rustic style is precisely styled then the natural impression on the bedroom will be felt.

3. Rustic Kitchen Design

rustic kitchen interior design

The feel of warmth can be felt in the kitchen which displays the natural charm of the countryside. The kitchen atmosphere is comfortable with wooden beams and rough painted rocks.

4. Rustic Bathroom

rustic bathroom interior design

The rustic design in the bathroom will give a natural feel when you shower. It is like being in a fresh and natural forest. It will make you linger in the bathroom.

5. Rustic Dining Room

dining room decor

A rustic design concept in the dining room coupled with delicious food presentation will make a warm meal when eating together with family. The use of rustic dining room design will completely fulfill your needs in the house.

To create a rustic design concept, it is not any material that can be used, because if not precise, the room will look dirty and not neat. The easiest way you can do is not by exposing the excess to the Rustic element. For example, the use of wood whose texture is clearly visible and not made Glossy.

The look of wood remains natural and unaffected by industrialization, but it is where the Rustic art will emerge. Regarding the value of the art shown, it is all not dependent on the complicated and expensive forms of material, but how to process them.

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