A Bright Approach With Lamps In Kitchen Countertops

In the kitchen area as well as the dining room, not only the cabinets, cookware, and kitchen tables alone affect the beauty look. Lights will also be one of the elements that make space feel more beautiful and also converge with each other. Not only the light color of the lamp but also the shape needs to be adjusted to the kitchen environment. Here are some beautiful displays of kitchen lamps or dining rooms that could be inspiring your dream room.

1. Glamour Chandelier

Glamour Chandelier

The lights in this kitchen area and dining room have a beautiful design that can make the room feel more luxurious. A chandelier with a gold color wrap and a clear crystal display appears to suit the overall design of a shiny space. The pale white and light blue colors give the room a fresh and bright look indoors.

2. Minimalist Square Kitchen Lamp

Minimalist Square Lamp

The Minimalist Square Lamp Design has a harmonious design with the overall designs. The use of the material is brown and also white, compatible with walls, furniture, to the floor of the kitchen area. The simple appearance blends with each other so that the balance of space is reached.

3. Basic Brass Lamp

Basic Brass Lamp

The Basic Brass Lamp hanging over the kitchen table has a simple design and also looks appealing. With a touch of brass material accent on the suspension and the white color of the lamp, gives a full light reflection to each corner of the room. Plus the whole white kitchen gives a light reflection area to the water.

4. Modern Steel Lantern

Modern Steel Lantern

If your design looks modern with a silver-colored room look, the use of this Modern Steel Lantern can be inspiring. The combination of transparent material with steel plus a small lamp paired into one looks like a candle in a lantern. Unique and interesting ideas to apply.

5. Natural Rattan Pendant

Natural Rattan Pendant

If you are a lover of natural look, this Natural Rattan Pendant kitchen lamp can be your favorite one. Made of woven rattan, the hanging lamps are very prominent in the room. The lights also feature a motif in this kitchen space.

6. Industrial Kitchen Lamp

Industrial Style Lamp

The kitchen Area painted in the colors of the industrial display will perfectly match the design of this chandelier. Interestingly, this lamp has an ear hung on an iron chain. This unique look will certainly attract attention and make guests come to see more carefully. Not to mention the color of metallic ash that seemed to strengthen the effect of industrial.

7. Minimalism Colour Kitchen Lamp

Minimalism Colour

If you don’t want to change the kitchen area more colorful but want to add a bit of accent, the display of lights with contrasting colors can be a good idea. It’s a striped color, but will certainly give a different impression of this light-less kitchen design. The contrasting primary colors will also trigger you to think more creatively and of course, creativity is also indispensable when cooking.

8. Go Bold Kitchen Lamp

Go Bold Kitchen Lamp

Choose one of your favorite colors and apply it in some parts of the decorative elements of the dining room or kitchen. As with this yellow dining room, it looks striking but certainly does not make people who see it feel sick because of its color is not excessive. The design of the lamp lantern also adjusts and looks beautiful in the room. This color will definitely give a passion in the morning when you eat breakfast.

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