Household Appliances Before There Was Electricity

Before electricity became an essential part of daily life, household appliances relied on human power or other energy sources to operate. As for household equipment before electricity, perhaps not many people know about it. Therefore, the following will be discussed in full.

As is known, the past lived by household appliances is an era that needs to be understood. In a situation where electrical technology is not yet widespread, humans are the main key to finding practical solutions.

The following are some examples of household equipment before there was electricity:

1. Oil Lamp

Before electricity became common, oil lamps were one of the main sources of lighting in the home. Consisting of an oil container equipped with a wick that can be lit, oil lamps provide sufficient light for activities in the house at night.

Typically made of metal or glass, these lamps imbue a room with a warm flame, although not as bright as modern electric lamps. Its use is often limited by the availability of lamp oil.

2. Charcoal Iron

Before electric irons became common, charcoal irons were tools used to iron clothes. This tool consists of a container for hot charcoal and an iron surface that is used for ironing clothes.

Charcoal irons use the heat from charcoal to soften clothing fibers and make them flat. Using a charcoal iron requires skill in controlling the temperature so as not to damage the fabric

3. Cormorant

Cormorant is a traditional cooking tool used before the existence of gas or electric stoves. Usually made of metal or clay, cormorants are used to boil water, cook rice, or cook other foods.

The process of cooking using a steamer utilizes direct fire from wood or charcoal, which makes it an effective method but requires careful monitoring so that the food is not overcooked or burned.

4. Letter

Before the era of email or instant messaging, letters were the main means of written communication to overcome long distances. Letters are used to communicate with family, friends, or colleagues who are in remote locations.

Sometimes, letters are the only way to stay connected with people who are far apart, with mail delivery usually done via the postal service.

Letters provide an opportunity for people to share thoughts, feelings, and news in a more personal way than digital communications currently exist.

Although slow in progress, letters provide a valuable means of maintaining relationships over long distances and expressing emotions more deeply.

5. Sweep

A broom is a cleaning tool that was used before there were vacuum cleaners or other electric vacuum cleaners. Usually made from natural or synthetic fibers tied to a wooden handle, traditional brooms are used to sweep floors and remove dust or other debris.

While perhaps less efficient than modern vacuum cleaners, brooms are still a popular choice for cleaning larger areas or outdoors

6. Furnace

Before the advent of gas or electric stoves, stoves were the main cooking tool in the house. Stoves are usually made of clay or metal and are used to cook food using direct fire from wood or charcoal.

The process of cooking on a stove requires precise fire settings so that the food cooks evenly, and often requires special skills to control temperature and cooking time

7. Milling Tools

A tool for grinding or pounding food ingredients such as spices or grains. Made from hardened natural stone, mortars are used by pounding or grinding food ingredients using a special pounding tool called a pestle.

This process releases the aroma and flavor of foodstuffs better than modern milling and is often used in cooking traditional foods

8. Grinding Board

A rolling board is a tool used to roll out or soften food dough such as flour or meat. Made from wood or stone, rolling boards are used by grinding or softening the dough with the help of other rolling tools such as a rolling pin or roll.

This process helps create the desired texture in the dough and ensures the ingredients are mixed evenly before cooking.

That’s the discussion about household appliances before there was electricity. In the discussion above, there are eight examples of household equipment before the existence of electrical energy.

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