Small Sunken Living Room Ideas With Fireplace

These days, various types of room design or architecture are an important part of a home. Choice of the interior, exterior, wall color decoration, and theme or concept are now starting to develop and are very diverse. Concave living room for example.

The sunken house usually has a characteristic that has a different floor height and is uneven. This aims to adjust the height of the floor to fit the surrounding rooms.

The sunken living room was a popular design in homes of the previous decade. However, in this era, the concept of the sunken house has become popular. The concept of a sunken living room is currently growing and becoming popular because the house with an open concept is now preferred by many people.

The living room with an open concept and the separation between the various corners of the room in your home will give a broad impression and will make the living room comfortable and look special.

The sunken living room concept is indeed very sensational. There are various advantages and disadvantages if you apply the sunken living room concept. Indeed the concept of this sunken living room is different from other room styles.

If you are a different person and have character, you must apply the concept of this sunken living room. Why not? Don’t be afraid until you have tried it! Take a look at some of these fantastic and inspirational sunken living room designs.

We are sure, you will like what you will see here. Some of you might find the out off date sunken living room concept to be used in this modern society, so what? because you are a different person than others. Just give it try.

1. Minimal Sunken Design

minimal sunken design

For you who want to renovate the house, you can also present a sunken concept in the living room. This sunken concept is known to be very effective in presenting a spacious and comfortable look. The sunken concept tends to have a sofa area that is concave down to the bottom, or arguably a special floor of the sofa area is lower than the surrounding floor.

This design is very interesting because it presents a minimalist concept to your residence while presenting a comfortable and intimate atmosphere with your loved ones.

2. Indoor Sunken Living Room Ideas

indoor sunken living room ideas

The sunken living room area is spacious and comfortable. You don’t need to develop walls or raise the ceiling panels, and you will still be able to hang out in the open space without having to have the boundaries of the room area in your house.

3. Outdoor Sunken Living Room Design Ideas

outdoor sunken living room design ideas

The idea of a sunken space outside looks equally good as it is inside the house. The idea of a sunken space outside of this can be made in a hidden outdoor patio zone to reinforce the impression of your architecture. With a sunken space outside will give yourself a little comfortable and fresh when returning from work.

4.70s Sunken Living Room

70s sunken living room

Some of the concave living rooms have a very retro atmosphere. Today we call this sunken room with a retro style. But there used to be more about them in the past.

The idea of a sunken and retro-styled living room is not uncommon for residents in general, so it might be the technique you’re looking for to differentiate your home from the rest of the house.

5. Small Sunken Living Room Ideas

small sunken living room

It doesn’t matter if you have a small living room. As long as your room layout is correct and neatly arranged, this sunken living room idea can give a wide impression to your room.

6. Modern Sunken Living Room

modern sunken living room

The living room is concave with a lounge style will look amazing like the design above. Especially when you look at the fireplace, or chimney that will captivate the view upwards and out.

This modern concave living room is one of the most stylish concave spaces that are trending in this era today like in apartments, hotels, restaurants or even just a plain house lounge in the middle.

7. Sunken Family Room

sunken family room

Hanging out with family is a very fun thing. Using this sunkin living room concept will create a warm family togetherness.

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