White And Grey Kitchen Shades

White and grey are colors have a neutral impression. Grey itself began to be favored as a beautiful-looking color for the scope of various spaces in the house. The combination of white and grey is a color that is popular for home decoration. Showing a cool and stunning decoration concept. White and grey kitchen nowadays becoming a trend in modern minimalist interior design. Especially for the kitchen.

Grey changes from the neutral color and complements the main color in the kitchen. Just check out this inspiration of white and grey kitchen color that is the main color in the kitchen.

1. Grey and minimalist lighting

gray and minimal lighting

The formation of a modern kitchen is seen in grey and minimal lighting. The white color on the kitchen table and floor help to reflect the lighting in this grey room. Furniture in the room like a rack cabin looks neat with this formation.

2. Luxurious kitchen

white and grey luxurious kitchen

This time, grey is combined with black color so that the room looks more elegant and luxurious. Besides the black color in the room looks shiny and reflects the lighting in the room.

3. Combination of wood

white and gray combination of wood

The combination of wooden material can be as interesting as this. The color and texture of the wood is a prominent accent in a room that is predominantly grey. Even with good lighting, a beautiful and calm atmosphere can be presented in this one kitchen. The presence of this wooden color also makes the room not feel monotonous.

4. Brighter white and grey kitchen

brighter white and grey kitchen

The grey color that is a complement to white also can be made attractive in this design. Of course, the room looks brighter. Coupled with the lighting under the open storage shelves. The right light will certainly make the room feel more reassuring.

5. Grey, lightwood, and white

Gray, lightwood, and white

Natural and also enjoyable. This is the impression given when you are looking at the kitchen with a blend of three colors. Grey, lightwood, and white also liven up the atmosphere in the room. Various elements in this room feel right. Of course, a wooden table and benches become the point of interest in the room. Maximum lighting is obtained from lights and from outside the room.

6. A little pastel color

white and grey with a little pastel color

White needs to be turned on with the diversity of colors like this one design. A little pastel color accent on the shelf door can give a bit of fun to the kitchen. This area looks very clean. Plus the motif of arranging tiles on the kitchen wall makes the room more beautiful.

7. Sloping ceilings and skylights

sloping ceilings and skylights

Besides color, it turns out that the shape of the kitchen also has a big influence on the atmosphere of space. With sloping ceilings and skylights, this kitchen feels more intimate and familiarizing people inside. Luckily the color of the ceiling is white so the room doesn’t look too narrow. It provides relief in this kitchen design.

8. The marble wall

the marble wall

When the room is almost decorated with all-white furniture colors, giving a pattern like the marble wall in the picture gives its own uniqueness. The grey color is the focal point in the room because the color is quite strong and contrasting compared to other colors in the kitchen.

9. White and grey kitchen with masculine touch

white and grey kitchen masculine touch

For those who like to gather with friends or family, eat together, and chit chat in one room, a bar area in the kitchen can be the right choice. Make it easy for people in it when going to take something from the kitchen. A dashing and masculine touch seems to be seen with the dominant dark color in this room.

10. Black and white look

Black and white look

Black and white look beautiful together with this one design. The balance of these two colors is clearly visible because when we look towards the kitchen these two colors do not dominate each other. Not only balanced the arrangement of the two colors on the walls and furniture is very fitting and not monotonous.

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