Wall Decor Ideas

Wall decor is often used as a medium for expression. We can decorate it with various colors of paint, wallpapers of various motifs, to various displays that attract the eye.

Let’s take a moment to see the condition of the walls in our home. How is the situation? Do you like it? Or does the look of the walls of your house now look boring?

The addition of certain decorations on the wall can significantly change the appearance of the room. Your living room that used to look boring will look cool with the addition of some interesting decorations.

Are you ready to change your simple living room to look cool? Let’s look at the following wall decoration inspiration.

1. Scandinavian Wall Decor

Scandinavian Wall Decor

For a Scandinavian-style living room, you can add picture decoration frames with a very simple Scandinavian Nordic Geometric theme.

2. Wall Decoration Photo Collection

Decoration Photo Collection

You can also decorate the walls of your living room with a beautiful variety of frames without losing your mind. The content in the wall decoration is not merely photographs and art paintings, it can be anything.

Moments captured in photos can also be a beautiful wall decoration when assembled into a unity.

The warmth of a family vibes in a picture can fill the void on the living room wall. Then just take a picture immediately with your full team family!

3. Typographic Wall Decorations

Typographic Wall Decorations

Use the pearls of wisdom that can motivate you into the beauty of typographic art, so that it can create a good impression in the living room.

Just like in a cafe or bar that starts to bring a neon design to decorate the room, you can also apply this concept to the living room. You can also replace the concept of typography painting with this fluorescent writing. This concept can also make the room brighter and make the atmosphere more lively with family.

4. Caricature Wall Decor

Caricature Wall Decoration

In addition, other unique works of art that you can use as living room wall decorations are caricature paintings that are full of meaning.

5. Wall Decor Abstract Paintings

Wall Decor Abstract Paintings

Another decoration is in the form of abstract paintings with a theme that is continuous between one painting with another painting. The result, if arranged side by side, will look beautiful.

For those who like things that are artistic, the combination of various colors like this is able to present an Instagramable space design.

6. Mirror Wall Decor

Mirror Wall Decoration

Mirror can also be used as a living room decoration. So, guests who are visiting can tidy up their appearance while waiting for you.

7. Wall Painting Landscape Decoration

Wall Painting Landscape Decoration

Painting is the easiest decoration to decorate a living room wall. But the theme itself that must be adjusted to the interior of the living room. For example, a living room with natural stones and dark color dominance is suitable to use black and white natural landscape decoration paintings.

8. Decorative Wall Plate Decoration

Decorative Wall Plate Decoration

The last wall decoration is by attaching pictorial plates to the wall so that your living room looks more classic.

Home Office Wall Decor Ideas

1. Cozy wall office decoration

Cozy wall office decoration

2. Rustic wall office decor

Rustic wall office decor

3. Pink wall office decor

Pink wall office decor

4. Large scheduler wall decor

Large scheduler

5. Boho wall office decor


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