Types of interior Design

Interior design is a layout planning and designing of indoor space inside the building. Interior design also has an impact on our moods and personalities. Therefore the purpose of interior design is the development of the function, aesthetic enrichment, and improvement of the psychology of interior space. Types of interior design concepts and styles are ideas that integrate various elements into a unity.

There are many different types of interior designs that are always growing in this century. So here are the 20 interior design concepts that you need to know.

20 Types of Interior Design Concept

1. Minimalist interior style

Minimalist interior style

The minimalist style uses the aesthetic basis of simplicity. This style has an extreme, accurate form, not having too much detail, and not using a heavy background.

The emphasis is on simplicity, with shades that are dark or bright and striking. The concept of geometric shapes – square, rectangular, rounded, but clean surfaces and no detail on it. Simple furniture and simple decoration produce great decoration.

2. Modern Interior Design Style

Modern Interior Style

Modern interior design is one of a simple design style that have characteristics of clean, functional, stylish, and always grows according to the modern lifestyle that is changing rapidly.

Modern lifestyles are supported by the advancement of Technology where many things that previously could not be made and obtained now become available to many people. In designing a modern concept, it always focuses on the value of objects according to its function or how many functions of the object that it has, as well as conformity with the lifestyle that has a fast phase demand, easy and functional.

In architecture, modern lifestyles can affect the desire to have a simple, clean and functional houses. However, this kind of lifestyle is only own by some people, especially those who are in big cities, where life demands a faster, functional and efficient lifestyle.

3. Retro Style Interior

Retro Style Interior

This interior design is the style of the ’50s, ’60s or 70’s an interior concept. In that period, the design has a fun approach, funny structure, shape, and color selection, and also motifs found in each section. It usually uses a geometric shape motif, lines, checkered or Pop Art style illustrations. Therefore this style is also called Pop Art style.

Pop Art That is trending is everything that is thick with the European continent, such as the miniature Eiffel Tower, a red telephone box typical of the English countryside.

4. Contemporary Interior Concept

Contemporary Interior Concept

The contemporary style concept is a term used for a style that flourished between the years the 1940s. Contemporary style is also related to the term of Modern architecture (Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture, Ernest Burden).

The contemporary architecture has characteristics of unique, unconventional and complex forms. The selection of colors and shapes becomes capital to create the appeal of buildings.

In addition, the selection of textures is much needed. Textures can be created intentionally. For example, rattan roots that are woven in the form of textured fields like tangled yarn. You can also choose natural materials that have a distinctive texture like wood.

5. Futuristic Interior style

Futuristic Interior style

Although this style is still relatively new, the concept of this style is also quite widely used especially for young designers who are also interested in the world of technology. Most of these designs are designs with strange and unusual forms of design, and this design uses metal colors that look like future shades.

6. Oriental Interior Style

Oriental Interior Style

The Oriental-style interior design has diversity and very interesting elements. Like the presence of wood carvings on the walls, ornaments that are themed oriental such as jars, paintings, and touches of colors that reinforce the impression of Oriental.

The main characteristic in Oriental interiors is displayed with the use of red, yellow color aspects. The oriental interior design generally uses neutral colors in order to create a simple background and bring out the little interior elements in the room.

In addition, neutral and natural colors give the room a sense of relief and space. Materials used in Oriental interiors are generally raw materials without excessive finishing. This raw material usage can produce a calm and gentle impression indoors.

7. Bohemian Types of Interior Design

Bohemian Interior Concept

Bohemian or boho-chic style is everything that reflects individuality. This style is a manifestation of freedom, a modern look, and colorful collections. A space with a boho-chic style perfectly fit to define your personal and aesthetic style

8. Coastal Interior Concept

Coastal Interior Concept

Coastal style is also commonly called nautical. Coastal is identical to beach nuance. The sun, waves, and sand are inspired by the design of the Coastal style.

9. Shabby Chic Interior Design

Shabby Chic Interior Concept

Lately, shabby chic interiors are getting popular in different countries. Do not be fooled by its name containing the word “shabby ” which means shabby. This stylish Interior tends to be graceful and feminine. Most users of this style are girls.

This shabby chic style itself is an interior style that starts to flourish in the UK. This style is very identical to the interior accessories feminine. In addition, the style has similarities to the antique-style Pop-Victorian furniture. For shabby chic interiors, the colors often used are white, pink, beige, light blue, and mint.

10. Industrial Interior Concept

Industrial Interior Concept

Industrial style using a raw material mixture. With its trademark features, the unfinished walls and high ceilings. This style is also one of the typical home design and can be created through some materials such as concrete steel palette, then stainless steel plate, steel, and mirror, and also exposed bricks.

The industrial atmosphere can also be felt by applying furniture, lighting, and accessories to the room so that it appears more and more charming.

11. Naturalistic Urban Modern Interior Design

Naturalistic Interiors

Naturalistic interior style is an interior style that has a theme of nature such as the use of natural materials and design depictions of the architecture is an approach to nature.

The naturalist style is very suitable when used in urban areas that are rarely found in the cool natural landscape. The naturalist has an emphasis on its style that portrays nature with its decorations of nature and many plants inside.

12. Modern Mid-Century Interiors

Modern Mid-Century Interiors

Modern Mid-Century Style is a design style in the mid-1900 precisely in the 1950s and 60s. There’s a retro nostalgia present in this medieval Modern design.


13. Moroccan Interior Design

Moroccan Interior Design

Moroccan style refers to the Moroccan state, or which is usually called a Moroccan style. Inside this interior design, the impression is crowded and bright colors, very rich with history and texture.

The selection of cheerful colors in the form of ethnic Moroccan cushions has a sweet and chic character. The living room is actually very simple with the presence of a comfortable and warm sofa. The wall color is also quite ordinary. But the color selection of sofa pillow and bamboo crafts are transformed into captivating.

14. Rustic Interior Design

Rustic/Country types of interior design

Rustic style is very identical with everything that is natural, the shape of this rustic interior structure in the form of rough details, tree trunk, wood, branches, jute, and others. Lots of furniture made from handmade or recycled materials.

This style is widely found in mountain and rustic villas. This style gained influence from English, French or classic Scandinavian ordinary rural chic. Finishing on furniture is well done, in the paint with light colors, white color, and pastel colors.

15. Traditional Types of Interior Design

Traditional types of interior design

The traditional design style offers classic details, luxurious furnishings, and an abundance of accessories. Do not underestimate the traditional interior. In many developing countries that use traditional styles, naturalists and other styles because they are bored with style in this era of the age. Japanese traditional interior style for example.

Traditional houses often feature dark wood, rich color palettes, and various textures and curved lines.

16. Scandinavian Interior Concept

Scandinavian types of interior design

Scandinavian or more commonly called the Swedish style, which represents warmth and brightness. The casual impression is seen from a simple mix of furniture but it looks charming. Countries Interior can be used in room many. Love of simplicity and also the elements of nature.


17. Vintage Types of Interior Design

Vintage types of interior design

The vintage concept represents an ancient model that usually wears tens of years old furniture but still looks sturdy and good. Scandinavian-style Interior Design can be filled with antique collections and other classical equipment.

The room furniture used should have a classic touch such as furniture and other accessories. For home furniture selection, we can use wood material as the basic material. For staining, you can coat the wood with varnish lining so that the natural impression is maintained.

18. Classic Interior Concept

Classic types of interior design

“Classics” usually reveal some of the artistic qualities, expressions of life, truth, and beauty. The classic style has certain universal appeal. This style is elegant and rich in detail, which is found in both furniture structures, lighting, and so on, including in motifs.

The Furniture used is a piece of art carved or detailed decoration. Decorated with elements of flowers, vegetables, various main motives or scenes taken from the legend.

19. Neoclassical Interior Design

Neo-Classical types of interior design

This style is an elegant interpretation of modern classics, where details of the classic shapes are found in a new approach. Preserve the structure of old elements or some style of furniture that combines with modern elements. It creates a mixture of old and new.

20. High tech Types of Interior Design

hightech interior

The High tech style is an innovative modern style, emphasis on furniture structures in which every detail is an nonrandom combination and it is part of a rough metal finishing structure, glass, cloth, plastic as well as wood in small proportions is a characteristic of this style. The colors that are often used are gray, black and white.

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