Personalizing Teen Boys Bedroom With Decorating Theme

Decorating a bedroom has never been an easy job to do, especially the teen bedroom for boys. Boys bedroom should be designed so that they can facilitate what they like. And the most important thing is to be able to suit their character and personality.

1. Volkswagen Car Room Designs for Boys

Volkswagen Car Room Designs for Boys

Maybe there are for parents, especially for some people who want to try new things in designing a bed, making a normal bed design has become commonplace, but how to try a new challenge by combining your baby’s favorite ornaments.

One of the Bedroom design ideas with the theme of a classic Volkswagen car can be one of the references for you to use by making a different bed with the others.

2. Boys Bedroom Camping Themed Design

Unique Boys bedroom Camping Themed Design

A bed with a camping base might be one of the ideas for you to use in your bedroom, by providing some special decorations to make the room look so alive.

With some ornaments given as decoration pictures on the walls of the house, then the tree then added to the design of a mattress shaped like a camping tent. Creating a room that looks like a real camping trip.

It is suitable for you who choose boys who love camping/adventure outside.

3. Turning a Child’s Bed Into a Pirate Arena

Turning a Child's Bed Into a Pirate Arena

If the children are very happy with pirates you can apply the concept of an interior that resembles a pirate ship like in the movies. Even if his love is very high until he knows the type of the ship, then there is no doubt to make a pirate concept bedroom that is indeed coveted by your son.

4. Superhero Bedroom

Spiderman Boys Bedroom

Spiderman bed

Usually, boys like the superhero from a film/animation. Like this Spiderman superhero. If your child loves Spiderman even to watch all his series, then you must make a Spider-themed room, then guarantee that your child will be very happy with your gift.

Batman Bedroom Decor

batman bedroom

5. Bedroom Design for Two Boys


Various places with his brother in one room and want to make a unique decoration. One design like this can be spelled out you can imitate by making a bedroom design for boys, using a design like this makes the older brother and sister share time together.

6. Navy bedroom Decorations For Boys

Navy Room Decorations For Boys

Having a boy who dreams of becoming a navy, can try to make a navy theme in their bedroom. Customize all the patterns and also the mattress even the blankets and pillows also have to support your main theme which is (navy).

Making a bedroom decoration like this can make your child become more enthusiastic in pursuit of his goals because he knows that his parents are very supportive because he made a bedroom with a naval concept.

7. Soccer boys bedroom

Large soccer bedroom

soccer bedroom ideas

Utilizing the child’s favorite sports activities in making bedroom decorations can be an alternative for you in making a beautiful decoration. By using media that are not too excessive to make an elegant impression in the nuances of this bedroom really feels.

Mini Soccer Bedroom

soccer theme

2 Stage Bedroom

amazing soccer

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