Not infrequently, sales and marketing experience misconceptions and are considered the same functions and work tasks. Not only in terms of job seekers, sometimes even companies mix the two functions. Although sales and marketing are both part of the company’s strategy to achieve revenue targets, sales and marketing have a completely different focus.

For those of you who just graduated from college and are still confused about determining the career focus between these two parts, it is appropriate to read this article because I want to discuss some differences in sales and marketing both in terms of function and job description.

8 Sales and Marketing Differences, Similar But Not the Same

Broadly speaking, sales and marketing work are both in contact with the product and the customer. However, these two divisions have very different tasks. Here are 8 points that distinguish sales from marketing jobs:

1. Scope of work

Sales and Marketing

Sales work outdoors because he directly deals with customers to market products. While marketing works indoors in the office to formulate an appropriate marketing strategy for the company.

2. Action vs research

Being a salesperson means you are a company milestone. If you keep quiet the product doesn’t sell and the company doesn’t make money.

Unlike sales, marketing is tasked with conducting research and planning including evaluating the results of previous sales, analyzing reports, and making marketing plans for the next product sales target.

3. Target


Because sales must demonstrate the product to the customer, the target of every action that the sales person takes is aimed directly at the target audience. Whereas marketing whose task is to formulate the concept has an action target to the sales.

Marketing must be able to communicate its marketing plan properly to sales complete with the best ways that can be done to achieve predetermined sales targets.

4. Function

The main function of sales is to sell company products to customers. For this reason, a sales person must fully understand the product knowledge of the product he is selling. Many things are included in product knowledge, including raw materials, quality, profit, loss, price, product durability, to other similar competitors’ products.

While the function of the marketing division is to meet more than just the needs of customers. The ultimate goal of marketing is not only to make customer needs met but also their desires.

An example is someone who needs shoes to wear, the marketing division must be able to meet the needs of this customer. But furthermore, marketing must be able to make the customer also feel the need for Nike brand shoes for morning running. This is what is called by fulfilling customer desires. To make customers aware of their desires, marketing must formulate brand images well and attractively.

5. 1P vs 7P

1p vs 7p

The process through which sales tend to be simple. He only needs to sell as many products as possible. For this reason, sales only carry out one of P’s tasks, namely Promotion. While marketing performs a more complex task because it contains seven P elements, namely Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Process, People, and Physical Evidence.

A marketing must be able to formulate a product, the right price, the location of sales, the right way of promotion, service process or procedure, target audience, to physical evidence or product appearance to create the best brand image and preferred by the market.

6. Purpose

The purpose of sales is only to increase product sales. Sales usually work with certain targets that have been formulated by the marketing division. While the purpose of marketing is to satisfy customers by planning products that are needed and desired by customers, making various attractive promotions, and thinking about the right and fast distribution.

7. Brand image

brand image

Sales have the obligation to pick up prospective customers who are tempted by promotional ads from the marketing division. Thus, the existence of a brand image for sales is no longer important because potential customers already know their products. The job of sales is just to make sure customers move from feeling like buying to buying products.

As for marketing, brand image is very important. The marketing division builds a brand image so that its products can attract market attention. For this reason, this division prioritizes product quality and attractive advertising so that potential customers are aware of the existence of their products and are interested in buying them.

8. Relationship with customers

The relationship between sales and customers is completed after the transaction. Whereas the marketing division must be able to maintain an ongoing good relationship with its customers. The marketing division is required to build customer loyalty towards the company in the hope that the sale and purchase transaction will re-occur in the future.

The eight points above prove that the sales and marketing division both have a stake in a company. The two divisions cannot walk alone to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. For this reason, good cooperation and coordination are needed between the two. A good product will not sell without someone selling it, right? Likewise with the sales movement, if the promotional event is intensively carried out without being accompanied by proper planning, of course, it will also not bear sweet fruit.

Sales and Marketing Correlations

sales marketing

New sales work after the product is available while marketing is busy well before the product launch. It is marketing that designs product strategies through what we know as Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP). The STP is then realized in a marketing mix consisting of Product, Price, Place, and Promotion (4P). After the marketing strategy has been formulated, the product is STP, then it will work.

So marketing is at the level of thought while sales are at the level of implementation. If the thinking is correct, then the implementation will be right. Like in the military, marketing is the time when the invasion plan is prepared. Where is the location of the enemy, how much strength, how much logistics must be prepared and how to reach the location. If the strategy is correct, the execution is correct. Thus the salesman knows what kind of focus should be focused on consumers when selling products, not just meeting people, immediately offering products.

Sales and Marketing Correlations

Salesmen also know what to say to consumers, what differentiates their products from competitors. Salesmen know what to expect so they can be more effective. In short, marketing is the brain while sales are the muscle. The marketing process itself is far more complicated and far longer than Selling. In Marketing 4P (many more who add 5P or 6P) consists of:

  1. Product. A marketing person tries to “find out” or do research to find out what products are needed and desired by consumers.
  2. Price. A Marketing person will give a price that is by the “CAPABILITY” of the customer so that it is not burdensome and so the product is indeed useful and needed
  3. Place. Marketing needs to find the right and efficient distribution channels so that the company’s products or services can reach the Consumer. (again so that consumers meet their needs and desires)
  4. Promotion One way of promotion is by Advertising, Direct Selling (salesman), Public Relations (CRM), and others.

Here it is clear, that Marketing has a longer process than selling. A marketing needs to maintain a product or brand product by consumer or community expectations. Whereas a Salesperson doesn’t need to maintain a Brand Image because the most important product sold is selling well. In conclusion, not everyone can do marketing or carry out the process of satisfying human needs and desires.

5 Sales and Marketing Tasks that Must Be Mastered

5 Tasks

Product sales activities are the responsibility of a person who is in the sales marketing profession in a company. What is mandatory for sales marketing is the ability to speak politely and behave politely. Because those who interact actively directly with customers. This mastery can be obtained from training and flight hours in the field.

The company’s final focus depends on the speed of sales made by sales. If sales performance is sluggish, the impact will affect the production process. The slowdown occurred because the stock was still available. Realize customer desires so that sales are easier and faster. Promote products regularly to keep old customers and hook new ones.

Sales are fully responsible for the number of products sold in the given period. In detail, here are five tasks that must be mastered properly.

1. Actively Looking for Targets

Market share must have been planned together with business concept thinking. This makes it easy when the product is ready to be marketed. Sales work can start some time before the production process is complete. Tell the public about the company’s findings. Grow their curiosity by informing the advantages of the product.

Monitor the location where potential buyers are located. Determine by region and distribution of sales at each place. Apply a rolling system when sales have not been able to reach the target in certain areas. This is a form of refreshment and strategy renewal. Adjust the promotion method to the location conditions being explored.

sales marketing

Get to know briefly the nature of the people in that location. This is the beginning of determining the use of strategy. Consumptive nature is easier to accept new products than people who are accustomed to living frugally. Customers who are selective about household financial expenditure need extra energy to introduce the product. Convince them that the products offered have more advantages than others.

2. Recap of Sales Results Data

Data from sales must be arranged neatly, in detail and detail. This is to facilitate the other party when analyzing it. Evaluation is carried out based on the recapitulation of the data. Then it will be used to assess the accuracy of the sales strategy. The right way to promote when sales increase from time to time.

It takes solid and loyal teamwork so that the company’s vision and mission is realized. Sales must help each other and not be allowed to maintain the ego. Its achievements are not reflected in the number of products sold by each individual but globally. This is a form of cooperation among members to ease the burden of marketing in a team.

3. Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction occurs because of the benefits provided by the product according to sales information during the promotion. Describe all matters relating to the product so that customers do not feel cheated. If one element of the product is not known and causes loss, then the impact on disappointment.

If you consider this problem trivial, disappointment develops an attitude of mistrust. It is difficult to convince customers who have used a product but are not satisfied with its benefits. Guarantees are tricks to anticipate preventing losses caused by the negligence of the company. Ensure superior quality products that are equipped with a warranty to maintain customer satisfaction.

4. Looking for Work Partners

Cooperating with other parties to increase product sales is a way to speed up that process. Of course, it must with the approval of the leader from the results of discussions that have been done before sales. This collaboration must be beneficial for both parties. Sales marketing partners can come from financial institutions, freight forwarding services and so on.

Profit sharing must also be discussed before plunging into the field. Make a black and white agreement complete with the signing of the file based on stamp duty. Being vigilant about new colleagues does not mean suspicion, but the company’s financial security must be maintained.

5. Develop an Advanced Strategy

The preparation of the advanced strategy becomes the responsibility of sales marketing if the company’s suggested methods cannot meet targets. Provisions that have been mutually agreed may be modified to suit field conditions. Do not change the total, remember only generate innovation.

Can You Work As A Sales As Well As Marketing?

push once

Several sales and marketing differences that I have described above, surely you can get an idea of ​​how these two divisions do have different roles and tasks.

When Salesperson is more focused on strategies to get revenue directly and oriented to the current situation, Marketers make a strategy so that the company’s information and branding reaches the target audience, so that products and other marketing activities can last longer in the market.

So, from the difference between sales and marketing related responsibilities and all their work, being a Marketer and Salesperson at the same time will take far more time and energy.

Therefore, if you want to run these two fields at the same time, it is highly recommended that you are equipped with mature experience in each field.

That way, you are familiar with the workings of the two divisions.

So, now you already know more about the difference between sales and marketing in terms of tasks, priorities, workflow, and activities, as well as targets to be achieved by each division.

Indeed sales and marketing can not walk alone. Even that team will lose direction if the marketing team is not able to properly analyze the needs and market culture of the product target.


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