Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas

The kitchen is often the messiest area and feels dirty. Worn, distressed and rough-hewn may not be the first words that come to mind when we think about kitchens. But Nowadays, the rustic Kitchen denied the classic white kitchen in popularity.

The rustic kitchen decoration is now a trend when it is combined with a modern kitchen style. If you do not believe in the beauty of this kitchen style, let’s look at these rustic kitchen inspirations below.

1. Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

Rustic mixed with modern

Maybe you have a modern taste for kitchen design but still want to bring a rustic feel. You can combine the rustic style with a modern style. One of the tips you can try is to not cover the whole kitchen with wood.

For example, you can use wood for decoration on the floor only, while on the wall still use modern style concept. You can use natural colors to avoid exiting the rustic concept.

The main design of this rustic and modern kitchen style is a clean white closet, black wall, polished stainless steel furniture, and some wooden ornament

2. Rustic with glass window accent

glass window accent

3. Modern rustic butcher block island

Rustic-kitchen with butcher block island

It is a good choice to add this modern rustic butcher block island in your home

4. Modern rustic kitchen table

Modern rustic kitchen style

5. A rustic kitchen with Elements of Stone

A rustic kitchen with Elements of Stone

Nature offers many elements other than wood. There are stone elements that can be a stunning feature to apply in rustic kitchens. Especially for the fireplace, the stone is very useful in order to withstand heat.

6. Rustic interior kitchen with sweet cabin

Rustic interior with sweet cabin

This classic kitchen gives a countryside atmosphere in your home. With the full accents of the wooden interior like the flooring, wooden cabinet and wooden ship walls

7. Industrial Rustic Kitchens

Industrial Rustic Kitchen

Can a kitchen be rustic and industrial? The answer is yes. The kitchen design can be applied using the best industrial style and combine it with the most awesome rustic style.

A cooking table, a sink stove united in a concrete kitchen table with log rods at the end. A blend that will make all eyes can not blink.

You could consider some stone elements for your kitchen. If the floor already uses wood elements, use stone for the wall. Basically, every natural aspect is a good choice for rustic kitchens design.

8. Modern rustic kitchens style

Modern rustics industrial kitchen table

You can remodel your kitchen interior with this modern industrial rustic style with wooden and black accents in the kitchen.

9. The kitchen with Provence

The kitchen with Provence

We are currently looking at a picture of a European country style kitchen. On one side, this room exhibits spectacular wooden beams and stone floors.

The kitchen furniture has been finely designed and carefully formed from a mixture of brick and olive green wood material.

This is the green color that became a touch of Provence (the name of a famous historical tourist area in France) in a room dominated by beige, where a classic-colored table is refurnished in beige. While the window walls exhale the rustic atmosphere with paintings and trinkets underneath.

10. Rustic Farmhouse Kitchens

Authentic farmhouse

Rustic-style makes us remember things in the past fun and fresh country air. Although we choose a modern style design for the kitchen, and rustic touches can be presented through simple elements.

11. Rustic interior with bricks material

Bricks Material

The first thing in the style of the rustic kitchen renovating is to design the walls using bricks without plaster. This design is commonly used in rustic kitchens in overseas residences.

Exposing the red bricks will produce a space with a traditional nuance that is very viscous, so the kitchen feels warmer and increasingly familiar.

12. Rustic kitchens accessories with Indoor plant

Rustics with Indoor plant

To relieve boredom and monotonous kitchen atmosphere, you can add ornamental or indoor plants in the kitchen.

The presence of plants will give a fresh impression on the kitchen atmosphere. Arrange the potted plants in one corner of the room, on the window frame, or hang them.

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