Organizing Series: Pantry Organization Tips

As you know the kitchen is different from a pantry, the pantry is usually a special part of the kitchen that has a function as a place to store cookware, groceries, even a place to prepare ingredients before processing to cook. Nowadays, the presence of pantry is already commonly found in houses so the kitchen looks neater. Some ideas about kitchen pantry organization can be applied in your home, especially for those of you who love neat.

Derived from the French word paneterie, the pantry usually does not have a very wide size. On average, the pantry only needs a space with a door to maintain the quality of the objects it holds.

With many kitchen objects and tools, a good collection of cookware to cooking materials, it all takes organization and ways to keep this whole thing appropriately.

Tips For Kitchen Pantry Organization

1. Prioritize the items needed

prioritize first
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The proper pantry planning should also start from the zones that suit your needs first. Place the material of foods in front, so that they are easy to access. And don’t forget to keep non-essential needs in higher locations.

2. Sorting the kitchen stuff

Sorting the kitchen stuff
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The Pantry can be small, but it still needs to have proper storage ordinances. Create zones in the pantry by decluttering and sorting the kitchen items according to the function of objects. You can add the label to each of the items.

These Tips will be quite effective as many of the ingredients are commonly stacked and should be removed immediately.

So instead of these materials on display and blocking other access, store in a cupboard or cabinet to maintain the quality.

3. Make a pantry wall shelves

Prioritize the items needed
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If the pantry has a narrow shape of the room, the right solution is to inspect the hanging wall shelves to the maximum in the pantry.

Put the objects that are rarely used on the top shelf wall, for example, the cooking utensils that you just spent on certain moments. Instead, put the ingredients used every day on a lower shelf.

Because the properties of the pantry door that often opened close to access, avoid placing a burden that is too heavy or light.

The side of the pantry door is ideal to serve as a place for cooking utensils as long as the total weight of the objects is hung not to obstruct the pantry access.

4. Labeled jar for pantry organization

Labeled jar for pantry organization
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You are also suggested to choose a transparent jar or container because it is easy to find when needed. In addition, labeling also makes it practical.

Don’t forget to make a note of the date of each ingredient, just paste it on the jar cover and always update it every time you fill it up.

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