Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas

There are many types of succulent shapes and colors. In addition to gray and green, some are black, red and yellow. With a low price and easy maintenance, this tiny plant is certainly very tempting to be a decoration on the inside and outside the home.

Succulents can be planted indoors and don’t need to be watered too often. However, you must pay attention to adequate light intake by placing it near the window. To make decorative decorations from succulents, combine several colorful succulents in a glass bowl like a terrarium.

The house is decorated with plants that can provide a beautiful and fresh atmosphere. The majority of green plants turned out to give a good influence on human psychology. The green color can provide a calm, peaceful, refreshing thoughts and gives harmony.

Surrounded by many plants also has a good effect on health. The plant is said to refresh the eyes. In addition, plants bring in a lot of oxygen.

Almost similar to treatment in the room, just avoid these plants from direct contact with rainwater when the rainy season comes. Place it in a slightly shady place and when the sun is hot, you can move it in an open place.

When summer comes and the leaves look dry, cut off the tips of the dead leaves and add a little more water. In addition, this plant does not require extra care.

For decoration, you can also plant some succulents in a cart that serves as a pot. Choose a medium size with a combination of red and purple colors to make it stand out. You can also arrange several types of succulent pots in a drawer hanging on the terrace.

Succulent is indeed suitable for use as home exterior decoration, especially for homes with limited yard area. Interested in having a small house with small monthly repayment? Check this inspiration below.

1. Succulents can be placed in a rattan container, then hung on the terrace

Succulents can be placed in a rattan container
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The succulent plants that are hung give a beautiful impression by using rattan as a container. This idea you can apply in your favorite home.

2. It’s really cute this succulent is placed in a pumpkin-shaped container

succulent is placed in a pumpkin

3. Cactus is also suitable to be placed near the window


4. cactus in a simple brown pot

cactus in a simple brown pot

5. Arranged in a circle and creative

Arranged in a circle and creative

6. Succulent can be arranged in a cute shelf


7. This cactus is suitable for decorating tables

suitable for decorating tables

8. Various types of cactus are planted in one pot


9. Succulent in a box rack attached to the wall

Succulent can be planted in a box rack

10. cactus in a hanging pot

planted in a hanging pot

11. succulent in a love-shaped pot

succulent is arranged in a love-shaped pot

12. Succulent stick to the wall


13. Succulent can look attractive arranged in a stacking rack

Succulent can look attractive arranged in a stacking rack

14. planted succulent in logs

succulent classics that are planted in these logs

15. Used typewriters can be containers for cactus plants

Used typewriters can be containers for cactus

You can use the classic typewriter as a container for succulent plants like the picture above. creative right?

The container gives a vintage and retro impression to your home. With the presence of green plants and succulents, it will add freshness to the atmosphere of the house.

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