Outdoor Kitchen Ideas At Home

One of the most awaited activities of family gatherings or friends is the outdoor BBQ party. If you only occasionally have a BBQ party, using portable grills will be more efficient. But for those of you who often do it, it would be more fun to have a permanent outdoor kitchen in the backyard!

Interested in making the outdoor kitchen? Let’s look at some of the following design inspirations!

1. Cafe-style

Cafe-style outdoor kitchen

This outdoor kitchen has a cafe-style atmosphere. The main part of the kitchen is inside the house. However, the kitchen is equipped with large windows that connect a table-mounted outside the window. Just place the seat and complete the kitchen setting. This kind of kitchen design is quite efficient as it does not require much space at home. Family members can occasionally enjoy the food with cooler shades outdoors.

2. The Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean-style outdoor kitchen

Other outdoor kitchens designs that will be discussed have a Mediterranean style. Black Kitchen island makes this kitchen look more modern. The existence of a cooker hood will make the cooking time more comfortable. The dining table which is neatly arranged will add to the warm atmosphere when family or friends gather to eat.

3. Beach-style

Beach-style outdoor kitchen

The next design is arguably semi-outdoor. The advantage of choosing a design like this is that you can cook and enjoy food without fear of overheating, as well as in the rain you can still continue to eat. But there is a natural atmosphere because you get a cool breeze. This one is dominated by white wood material, so it looks minimalist style of the home-styled beach.

4. Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

There are some people who prefer BBQ burnt using firewood. It is said that the aroma and meat will be more delicious. If you are one of them, this rustic-style outdoor kitchen needs to be tried. All materials to build this kitchen use wood. The roasters are traditional, the furnace with wood fuel.

5. Modern Minimalist

Modern Minimalist

Next, there is a modern minimalist outdoor kitchen with a monochrome theme that is the delimiter in the form of a large glass door. When you want to have a BBQ or a dinner party, you simply open the glass doors and then guests can freely roam around and enjoy the still-warm food.

6. Full of warmth

full of warmth

When hanging out with family members or friends, the atmosphere that you want to build is warm and intimate. However, limited space often prevents guests from enjoying the event comfortably. By simply putting the necessary cookware, this small kitchen is certainly very useful.

Fresh and Green Outdoor Kitchen Plans

Having a fresh and green outdoor kitchen is a dream many home lovers. Especially for those who love to cook. Combining the kitchen with the backyard garden might be a great idea for your home. Here are some fresh outdoor kitchen plans that worth trying for your home.

1. Outdoor kitchen for barbeque

Fresh and green kitchen

2. Tropical kitchen garden

Blue and fresh green

3. Gorgeous and fresh outdoor decor

Gorgeous and fresh outdoor decor

4. Exterior mortared brick masonry grill

Exterior mortared brick masonry grill

5. Outdoor kitchen design

Outdoor kitchen design concept

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