Outdoor Backyard Patio Ideas

The word ‘patio’ comes from the Spanish language, meaning the garden or backyard. In general, the patio is an outdoor area usually used for dinner together or just hanging out with family or relatives. There are many outdoor backyard patio ideas that are many home lovers built nowadays.

The patio is usually fused with houses and coated with concrete or stone blocks. The use of patios as an accent exterior of the house has lasted since the 15th century BC, starting from Egypt and other desert areas. The purpose of creating patios alone was to anticipate the local people at that time so that their parks would not be destroyed if they were placed outside the home area.

Many parks began to be built in countries such as Persia to Greece. From those early days, the garden is believed to be the most beautiful park and still widely known to this day is the famous hanging Garden of Babylon.

Designing Outdoor Backyard Patio

1. Ecofriendly Outdoor Backyard Patio Designs

Ecofriendly Outdoor Backyard Patio Designs

Not only does it make the house look beautiful and comfortable, with patios, but you can also have more natural lighting and therefore can save electricity consumption.

The presence of the patio also makes the airflow directly from the outside until the circulation becomes smoother and you can breathe healthier air. Another function patio that is no less important is to integrate the space in the house with the outdoors, especially if without a partition.

2. Outdoor Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

Outdoor Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

Don’t worry about cost or land needs. Nowadays, there are many variations of patios that allow you to create a “mini paradise” in the housing without spending huge fees, fancy trinkets, or vast land.

The shape of the patio could be an area in the middle of the house or backyard, with the mini garden following furniture such as tables and garden chairs, or a wider patio equipped with barbeque or pool equipment, or if you want a simple patio creation, simply place a variation of the plant pot or mini fountain pot in your desired area.

Many designs are used for styling patios. Most of the patios are made using floors from paving and roof/canopy to protect from sun and rain. Patio layout can also vary, can be in the middle of the house or on the back porch with a closed or even open structure.

As a space to unwind, patios are designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere. The existence of ornamental plants, decorative outdoor succulent plant and outdoor hanging plants is very important to give a relaxation impression. But keep in mind, the ornamental plants used should not be too lush, but the plants are quite a fresh accent.

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3. Outdoor Backyard Patio Pond

Outdoor Backyard Patio Pond

The existence of the mini pond, along with its accessories such as fountains and waterfalls will add to the beautiful atmosphere. Place the plants in the corner of the pond, the fresh impression will be more noticeable. For patio floors, it can be made with paving blocks or with natural stone.

4. Patios Flooring

Patios Flooring

Select the hollow paving block floor. In addition to the cultivation of grass, through the holes of the paving block water can penetrate into the ground. You can also use the floor of cement, especially if the patio is often used to perform various events and meetings.

Cement flooring makes it easier to clean. To embellish, it can be placed furniture resistant to weather on the patio. Choose furniture made of iron or stainless steel. If using wood, choose a wood that is quite resistant to water such as teak.

5. Patio Roofs

Patio Roofs

Roof patio can be formed in many ways. Even curved shapes can also be applied. The roof should be made of aluminum products. In addition to lightweight, sturdy also rust-resistant so it will be more durable.

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