Mid-Century Kitchen Remodel

Modern mid-century kitchen is one of the eternal styles that are always popular. The classic characteristics of the mid-century make the mid-century is suitable for contemporary, modern and eclectic home decoration styles.

Clean lines and lack of strength are ideal for the most widely used home spaces. Although the aim of this is to combine some of the modern medieval touches, there are also many ways to do this in the kitchen.

The shapes, colors, and materials associated with this design era are very suitable to be combined with new materials and the trend of the current style. Here are 15 different elements to put in a modern mid-century kitchen, from big changes to smaller accents.

Tips to Remodel The Mid-Century Kitchen

1. Embrace the Galley Style

Embrace the Galley Style

The modern mid-century design gave birth to the concept of an open plan, but the kitchen of that era was not the vast space it is today. Real medieval kitchens are generally kitchen-style, which may or may not be open on one side.

2. Laminate Countertops

Laminate Countertops

New types of laminates have entered the market and they are much more affordable and look much better than they did in the 80s. While newer types mimic other materials, new laminates are also ideal for homeowners who want a medieval style in the kitchen.

3. Mid-Century Kitchen Floor

Mid-Century Kitchen Floor

The floor is one of an important element in the kitchen because it can set the tone color for the entire room atmosphere. Generally, modern medieval kitchen floors are finished on natural stone floors like slate, gemstones, travertine or terrazzo.

4. Flat Front Cabinets

Flat Front Cabinets

As the popularity swings away from the modern medieval modern look, kitchen cabinets become more decorated, with thin panels dominating.

5. Safes


For the concept of a retro mid-century modern kitchen design, there is not a better choice of the cabinet material than using metal. Absolutely, the safe is still part of the kitchen landscape in the design era.

6. Mid-Century Kitchen Shelves

Mid-Century Kitchen Open Shelf

The atmosphere of a more open modern mid-century kitchen can be emphasized by using open shelves, either as a main feature or as an accent.

7. Dining Area

Dining Area

As the kitchen gets bigger, the ceiling gets higher and the room is wider, people still want a special area for casual dining.

8. Pastel Color

Pastel Color

Nobody says vintage like pastel colors in the kitchen! These became popular in the 1950s and continued into the medieval era when they finally became bolder. Choosing pastel colors for walls or other elements in the kitchen will definitely make it feel cheerful, especially when used in medieval kitchens that feature a lot of brown wood.

9. Bold colors

Bold colors

The mid-century design era might be popular for the use of bold colors like green, turquoise and orange apples. These bright colors give an abstract color in spaces that are sometimes it is done in wood grains, especially in the last years of the era.

10. Mid-Century Kitchen Lighting

Mid-Century Kitchen Lighting

Lighting in the modern mid-century era has a definitive look inspired by Scandinavian and European styles, as well as a new silhouette that mimics jet and space technology.

11. Retro tiles

Retro tiles

Modern medieval houses use lots of tiles and kitchens are no exception. To create a mid-century atmosphere, there are many choices you can apply today that go beyond what was in the 50s and 60s era.

12. Graphic Art

Art Decor

One of the fastest ways to add a touch of medieval style to a kitchen is with textiles or wall hangings.

13. Mid-Century Kitchen Wooden Ornaments

Mid-Century Kitchen Wooden Ornaments

As we have already mentioned, wood became popular in kitchens because stainless steel was not liked in the 1950s. Medieval kitchens began using this material for cabinets because of their warm feelings and natural vibrations, which matched the more open wooden furniture that was popular.

14. Mid-Century Kitchen Dining Sets

Mid-Century Kitchen Dining Sets

Making a great mid-century impact on your kitchen is easy if you add cutlery with the right characteristics. This era’s iconic furniture has clean lines and usually uses what is considered new material at the time.

15. Antique Accessories

Antique Accessories

Vintage style accessories can be a boon when trying to add mid-century talent to your kitchen on a tighter budget. If you can’t change the form, retile, or buy a new dinner set, you can add accessories that convey sensitivity to a specific design period. For example, mirrors or starburst clocks, colorful mixing bowls and retro tubes.

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