Mid-Century Furniture Ideas

Along with the development of the era, the style of interior design also changes from time to time. Mid-century furniture design is indeed famous for its timeless appearance due to its distinctive style. Decisive sides with varied accents, making the mid-century furniture can be an alternative to beautify the corner of the room in your home. With careful composition, a room with a mid-century style will not seem stiff and boring.

If you want to create a modern mid-century impression of home decor, try applying warm, natural colors like wood. In addition, you can also add a variety of retro or classic style furniture that will add the impression of mid-century in your room.

here are some mid-century furniture that can be an option in your home

1. Classic Sofa

 Classic Sofa

A sofa is a place where both homeowners and guests can sit comfortably while chatting. The sofa itself has a variety of types and materials that vary. The type of sofa that is most commonly found in homes is the type of corner sofa, sofa bed, and reclining sofa. A sofa bed is a type of sofa that can also function as a bed while reclining a sofa is a sofa that has a mechanism so that our feet can be stretched when sitting on this sofa.

2. Bookshelf With Drawer

Bookshelf With Drawer

Shelves are the second furniture that is almost always in the living room. Shelves are furniture for placing books, newspapers, magazines, or even collection objects. Bookshelves are the most common we encounter and usually, the homeowner deliberately displays his book collection in the living room. We often encounter this habit of displaying bookshelves, especially in intellectual homes.

3. Mid-Century Ottoman

Ottoman Mid-Century Furniture

Ottoman is a chair without a back that usually has a storage drawer underneath. The location of the seat is lower than an ordinary chair or sofa and therefore the ottoman is often functioned as a footrest.

4. Coffee Table

 Coffee Table

Coffee tables are generally placed in front of a chair or sofa. The function of the coffee table itself is to put a treat to guests. a flower vase often placed on the table to beautify the living room. Coffee Tables are usually made of wood or glass with metal table legs.

5. Console Table

side console table

In addition to the main guest table, there is a small console table that is usually placed next to a chair or sofa. The function of the small table is to place a table lamp or family photo.

Console Table is a table that is made to be placed next to a wall. Usually, there is a permanent stick on one side, so it is only supported by the foot on the other side. Usually, the Console Table uses mahogany. With a height of around 75cm (or vary depending on needs), this table is usually used to temporarily place objects that we often use every day, and can also be used to place electronic devices such as televisions or can also put decorations, lamps, and trinkets.

6. Media Tower Mid-Century Furniture

Media Tower Mid-Century Furniture

Display cabinets are also furniture that we often encounter in the living room. Display cabinets are usually made of wood with glass on the surface that serves to display in it. The objects are usually in the form of souvenirs, collections, family photos, or certificates of appreciation.

7. Mid-century Furniture TV Stand

Mid-century Furniture tv stand

A TV stand that we have at home is certainly not only useful for putting the TV, but also as a place for other electronic objects. On the TV stand, we can put a DVD player for fun watching with family. We can also store a collection of film CDs on the TV table. Besides that function, the TV stand can also store your favorite video games. Thus, the activity of watching movies and playing video games becomes easier and more practical.

8. Arm Chair

Arm Chair

Arm Chair is a single chair that has armrests on the left and right. Arm Chair also has a variety of functions, ranging from work chairs, chairs to read books, and others. This chair is also very suitable for guest chairs. With armrests make a person can sit comfortably while chatting. This chair uses teak wood and fabric.

9. Mid-Century Furniture Benches


10. Vinyl Cabinets

Vinyl Cabinets

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