Inspiring Bar Area in Kitchen

The kitchen bar is one of the important things that must be available in your beloved home. The kitchen bar today is not only a place to process food but can also be a place to gather and chat as a dining room or room to entertain guests.

Usually called a kitchen bar. Its function which tends to be used as a social place makes the design of a minibar kitchen should be attractive. Here it is some exciting mini bar kitchen design references that can be the inspiration for mini bar at home.

1. Patterned kitchen ceramic

patterned kitchen ceramic

If you want to try to explore more ceramic kitchen motifs, you can choose tiles with a variety of motifs, from geometric patterns to those that look organic. Just apply it on the backsplash so it doesn’t seem excessive. Pair with other furniture.

2. Patterned wood

patterned wood

Wood is now widely discussed as Furniture. A collection of various furniture can be combined into a unique mini bar like the picture above. You can add some lighting assistance to further beautify your home’s favorite spots.

3. Stick to the wall

Stick to the wall

You don’t have much land? Of course, don’t worry if you want to add this minibar. This one tip you can apply, with just one cupboard you can store a variety of bottles and your beautiful glasses. Simple is not it?

4. Kitchen bar with the feel of a farmhouse

farmhouse kitchen bar

Nuance Farm House certainly interesting, right? How Elegant White Color works to give a perfect touch to your home. This idea is certainly not less interesting than the minibar ideas at the previous point. Of course, you can complement a variety of unique furniture that will certainly make it even more interesting.

5. Touch with favorite colors

Touch with favorite colors

Do you have a favorite color that you want to pour into your home? Can it? Certainly can. Of course, it will make more comfortable in your home. You can apply mainly to bright colors. Besides making comfortable bright colors, it can make its cheerful impression on your minibar. Interested in trying?

6. A kitchen bar like a cafe

A kitchen bar like a cafe

If you are someone who likes to go to cafes, why not create a kitchen design for a mini bar in the form of a cafe. This concept can be marked by the selection of a bar table and also the kitchen counter and kitchen sets like in a cafe.

7. Mini kitchen bar half-circle

Mini kitchen bar half circle

Something unique and also interesting certainly has a concept and also the selection of property that is not perfunctory. As in the example of a minibar kitchen design above which selects a bar table with a very unique shape that is half a circle. This form is of course also the same as the counter as your place for cooking. The selection of concepts in the kitchen with a minibar is indeed very smart and also deserves to be applied in your home.

8. Minibar for small kitchens

Minibar for small kitchens

The appearance of the kitchen with a tiny mini-bar is indeed very flexible and also suitable for those of you who have limited space. By installing a kitchen set with a fairly small size, of course, you can still have a kitchen design with a minibar. For that, you can use the available space to be used as a minibar even though the kitchen space is quite narrow.

Popular Modern Kitchen Bar Ideas

1. Minimalist bar area

Minimalist bar area

2. Bar area to avoid boredom

Bar area to avoid boredom

3. Modern minimal bar

Modern minimal bar

4. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style bar

5. Black and white kitchen bar area

Black and white bar in kitchen

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