Indoor Plant Ideas

If you want your house or room to be cooler and more beautiful, maintaining indoor plants can be one way to green the room. In addition, the indoor plants can also clean the air, you know. Just check out this indoor plant ideas, here the list.

1. Tillandsia


Tillandsia is a plant that is easily treated because it does not need soil to survive. This plant is suitable for you who are looking for small ornamental plants and do not bother to deal with pots or soil. You can store it in a perforated terrarium so that your tillandsia gets plenty of air circulation.

2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera

You know, aloe vera is part of the succulent family, you know. Like most succulent plants, aloe vera likes sunlight and will grow well if planted in dry soil. In addition to beautifying the room, aloe vera is also a medicinal plant that is useful for treating minor burns.

3. Anthurium


Want your apartment to be more colorful? You can grow small anthurium plants. Taking care of him is not difficult. You just put it in a place that is light enough, but doesn’t keep it under the sun directly!

4. Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern

Although it named asparagus, this plant actually belongs to the lily family (Liliaceae). Give asparagus fern a little more space so that the leaves can expand beautifully, giving the impression of coolness in the corner of your house.

5. Baby Toes Indoor Plant

Baby Toes Succulent

This cute plant is still included in the succulent family. It’s called baby toes because of its resemblance to baby’s toes. Baby toes do not require direct sun exposure. So, this plant is very suitable to decorate the work table, or even kept by the bed.

6. Aspidistra indoor plant

Aspidistra plant

The aspidistra plant, also known as a cast-iron plant, is a popular type of ornamental plant. This plant is resistant to various light and soil conditions, so maintenance is not difficult.

7. Chinese Money plant

Chinese Money plant

This unique plant which is famous for its round leaves is one of the plants that are difficult to obtain. Chinese Money spread all over the world because Norwegian missionary Agnar Espergen tapped it in the 1940s and shared it with the people he loved.

This plant grows easily and is easily propagated, so one of the easiest ways to have it is to tune your friends who own this plant.

8. Echeveria


Echeveria is one of the most common types of succulents found on the market. These small plants often beautify office desks or study desks because of their easy maintenance and small size. But be careful, do not water this plant too often, because it will die if the soil is too wet.

9. Jade indoor Plant

Jade Plant

Jade plant is a long-lived ornamental plant that is famous for its thick oval-shaped leaves. The sparkling leaves can bring a beautiful impression in the house.

In order to keep the leaves of this plant nice and shiny, occasionally gently wipe the leaves to remove dust.

Besides making the leaves shiny, cleaning the leaves of the Jade plant will also increase its ability to absorb sunlight.

10. kalanchoe plant

kalanchoe plant

The kalanchoe plant is a plant that is often chosen to decorate homes because of its bright flowers.

Place your kalanchoe plant near the window so that these plants can flower well. Don’t forget to make sure the soil is well hydrated – not too wet, not too dry.

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