Indoor Plant Ideas

Beautifying the interior of the house can now be decorated by making various types of indoor plant decoration ideas. In fact, a refreshing method of room atmosphere like this is not a new thing.

This is widely applied as a solution for space constraints, especially in having a page for planting. But it looks like, the style of back to nature makes this classic way back into the trend of some time ago to this day.

The green of the plant can make the room atmosphere cool and fresh. Not only in terms of visuals, but the presence of plants inside the house also improves air circulation. Therefore, the way is more fitting with a healthy lifestyle trend, right?

What plants able to grow inside the house?

Jade Plant

Not all types of plants can be placed indoors. Plants that can relatively be placed indoors have some physical criteria; Among them, the structure of the plant stem is soft, the number of leaves is quite numerous, and the plant size is relatively short.

Overall, indoor plants are usually more adaptive to the sun’s needs. But of course, removing it occasionally to get direct sunlight is the best way in its treatment.

Some type of no light indoor plant is not only suitable to be placed in the corner of your room but also save the benefits behind its charm. It is good to be placed in your sports room or on every corner side of your room.

Indoor Plant Decoration Ideas

Here are some indoor plant decoration ideas that worth it to try for your home garden decoration

1. Terrarium Indoor Plant

terrarium indoor plant

The existence of ornamental plants in the room can give a relaxed feeling while improving the mood. But the narrow room area even limits the placement of ornamental plants. With the Terrarium, not only the garden beauty ornamental plants can be directly presented on the table.

The garden innovations in the glass were accidentally discovered in the experiments conducted by scientist Nathaniel B. Ward.

At that time, Ward was designing miniature ecosystems in chemical tubes. Since the Ward experiment was successful, the lively terrarium was applied by ornamental plant lovers.

2. Airplants

airplant indoor

The unused bulb light should not be discarded first. Remove all the electrical devices in the light bulb and then replace the contents with planting media and terrarium crops.

The terrarium of bulb decoration ideas can be hung in the ceiling of your room by attaching a rope to the edges. Interesting not

3. Water Terrarium Plants

water indoor plant

This is a fantastic water park idea. Using plants, such as Fern, where the roots can survive the immersion of water and can also add a beautiful garden decoration into your space.

The roots of the plant create natural food for fish that exist in the container, while fish waste acts as a natural nutrient for plants. It is a symbiotic relationship that is mutually beneficial instead.

4. Moss Terrarium

moss indoor plat

Moss and terrarium are perfect blends. All you need is a little dirt, low light intensity, and moisture than a lot of water.

Moss is an ideal ingredient in manufacturing a terrarium. This creative idea should you guys try to decorate your home terrarium.

5. Bonsai Tree Aquascape

bonsai terrarium indoor plant

Mini Bonsai plants can be one of the decorating elements for your terrarium. With a bit of creativity, you can make a very amazing bonsai tree aquascape decoration.

6. Cactus and Succulent Garden

cactus garden

Cactus and succulent will look attractive if the arrangement can be reassumed well. This plant container can be formed and styled at will. With a good arrangement eat the results will look more beautiful when displayed inside the house.

7. Cactus In Terracotta Pot

cactus terracota pot

By using Terracota pots as a decoration of cactus and succulent plants, your room will feel like a mid-century style house and also a countries style. The right arrangement will give your home a neat and attractive impression.

8. Box Display Garden

boxed display garden

The box display can be used for decorating a cactus collection. You can use the smallest and most adorable pots you can use. This is a great idea for the area inside your room

9. Windowsill Planters

windowsill planter

Instead of stair walls, you are just a place to stay dust, better decorate with various cactus plants. Use pot variations to give a monotonous impression.

10. Hanging Plants

hanging plant indoor

This hanging plants decorating ideas may sound strange to you. But believe me, with the proper execution and setup, your room will look more fresh and attractive.

11. Indoor Wall Garden

indoor wall garden

Walls are an important element for every building. Apart from being a home security guard, the wall can also be a medium to pamper the eyes with various attractive wall plant decorations

12. Zen Bathroom Wall Garden

zenn bathroom wall garden

Imagine being able to relax in the bathtub and gaze at the beautiful plant walls in your bathroom. It is something that can make you feel peace in the bathroom. A natural feel like being in the jungle will feel in your bathroom.

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