How to Plant Cactus in a Pot with Easy Maintenance

Temperature and light are the main need for succulent or cactus plant. In general, most of these plants need a lot of direct sunlight, although there are several types that must be stored in the shade.

Most of these plants can not survive more than one night with temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius, but there are some species that are very strong in all climates.

If you look on the bright side, the many choices indicate that succulent plants can meet the criteria of all kinds of parks and climates.

How To Plant Cactus

Give as much sunlight as possible during the summer – direct sunlight in a warm place, even in the desert climate of their native habitat, sometimes for some types of cactus, it may be too hot because some of these plants prefer to be in indirect sunlight.

1. Choosing a good cactus in pot or container

cactus plant container/pot

These types of succulent plants are usually better suited to pots made of clay – what is interesting maybe the appearance of the plant and also the pot is suitable like the color of the desert.

Clay also has pores that prevent water from submerging all parts of the plant roots; in some cases, pots made of stone and cement also have the same benefits.

Ensuring that the pot where you plant your plant has a drainage hole is another important thing – sometimes because it’s too common, many people forget it.

You can use a shallow pot if you want (4 to 6 inches deep) because this type of plant does not have roots that grow too deep.

When choosing pots, cactus and other succulent plants can sometimes give an eccentric impression. You can try planting succulent plants in a jar, your old shoes, or even used tennis shoes that you have.

2. Choose soil mix

diy cactus plants

The rapid absorption of water is the most important thing you should consider in choosing a quality soil mixture for the growth of your succulent plants.

The standard mixture that is commonly used is that the growing media contains half an organic mixture (peat soil or similar) and the remaining half uses rock such as brick cracks or sand.

You can also find lots of instant mixtures specifically for cactus and succulent plants that you can buy directly.

The Right Cactus Planting Tricks

cactus plants pot

Create a potted design for your succulent plants in accordance with the principles that you apply to other plants that you have. A balanced landscape can be created using a single container or large pot filled with several types of plants.

When planting cactus, your attention is the most important thing – both attention to yourself and also to plants.

We recommend to use thick gloves or wrap your cactus using several layers of thick paper and use the ends as a handle to protect your hands. If you have thorns, you should use tape to pull the needle out of your skin.

Most cactus and other succulent plants have shallow roots and are not too deep, so don’t plant them too deep. Burying some of the stems is enough to make the roots develop in the soil.

Make sure that the height of the soil in the pot is not higher than the height of the soil in the care container that you used before transferring to the pot.

Also, buy a few pebble bags or stone fragments. You can use to enhance your plant’s appearance and also your plant’s container.

For example, adding a slightly reddish colored accent can certainly be a combination that matches your clay pot. You can also add other decorations if you want, be creative as you wish.

Good Cactus Plant Care

cactus care

Forget all the myths that you can or have heard about cactus and other succulent plants. This type of plant still needs food and drinks every day.

When plants are still growing, apply fertilizer at least once a month or every time you water them. If you water them every two weeks.

Succulent plants also need all the same nutrients as other types of plants. The nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium as well as other additional elements.

You can also use any type of liquid fertilizer that you want or also a special fertilizer that is made for cactus and other types of succulent plants. You can also try fertilizer for tomatoes with a level of use of half of the normal levels.

After you read this article, how easy is it to plant cactus? If this article is useful you can freely share it with your friends who might need this information.

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