5 Home Design Apps To Decorate Your Home

There are many things to think about when decorating the room, from selecting an art print to fill the wall, determining the color palette, mix and match the furniture one with the other and what types of interior design that actually suit to our home.

Maybe, your head is gonna be spinning out of this dimension just trying to stay on top of it all, but don’t worry, help is here.

Actually, to design the interior of the house, there are a lot of software/applications that we can use.

Well, for those who pursue the field of home design and architecture, you probably already familiar with software design like Adobe Photoshop, SketchUp, or Autocad. But relax, you don’t have to use the software to be able to decorate your own home.

Here we compiled 5 recommendations of home design apps that you can easily get on your mobile phone. These apps gonna simplify your home project in a major way, and they are free to download!

Home Design Apps Recommendation

1. Houzz

houzz design apps

In this app, you can find more than 16 million high-resolution images of interior and exterior that are great. Houzz can also help you to create image collages and mood boards.

With the mood board, the process of decorating the room becomes much easier because you already have a reference in choosing the color of furniture/decorations that you will use.

Now, make the mood board with this Houzz app so much easier because with just one app you can get the décor inspiration and also create collages from the photos you’ve collected.

Download this app now for iOS and Android

2. Pinterest

pinterest inspiration

Usually, when we’re starting out our project, we will collect some design references. One of the platform sources we use often is Pinterest.

To avoid having to be saved to a laptop or mobile phone, we make one board that contains the required reference. Well if you want to see some décor inspiration that we have collected, you can check it out to Stella Home Design Pinterest account.

Download this app now for iOS and Android

3. Roomle Home Design Apps

roomle home design app

Roomle is available in the form of desktop apps and mobile apps. This application can be an option for you who are familiar with the look of the website.

Before you start designing with the help of ROOMLE, you need to measure the room you want to be decorated. After that, you can create a room of any size in the Roomle app and add furniture into it.

Download this app now for iOS and Android

4. Room Planner

room planner apps

This app is almost similar to the Roomle app. The difference is that in the Room Planner app you don’t have to start the design from an empty room. In that application, there are several existing rooms, so you just add or replace some furniture according to your reference.

In this app, you can also choose various items from IKEA and other brands to visualize your dream room, and you can see what everything looks like in 3D virtual reality, as easy as in a game.

Download this app now for iOS and Android

5. Dulux Visualizer

Dulux home design apps

Through this app, you can see how your space looks with different paint colors. The way to use this app is also very easy.

You just have to take the photo of the room that you want to be painted, then choose the color you want. As simple as that. Once you’ve found the matching color, you can record the name/color code to help you when you want to buy the note.

Dulux Visualizer can also match the colors of existing furniture, then provide recommendations for the color combinations that fit for the room.

Download this app now for iOS and Android

Well, that’s 5 recommendation home design applications from us. The above applications are very suitable for those who want to explore several different room designs before buying home decor goods.

Hope this really useful for you. Cheers.

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