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Bathrooms are part of a house that usually has small portions but has many important roles. If one day the average person enters the bathroom 6-8 times per day, in one year you will go to your bathroom up to 2,500 times! If in one bathroom you spend an average of 5-10 minutes, imagine how much time you spent in the bathroom? So that’s why you must have ideas for bathroom remodel in order to make you comfy in your home bathroom.

So it’s no surprise that many people try to design their bathrooms. Therefore many people are trying to design their bathroom to make a lot of unique bathroom designs for their home. Considering, the fact that on average more than 50% of people think of ideas as well as what activities they should do today in the bathroom. Naturally, a unique bathroom design can stimulate creative thinking while in the bathroom.

Home Bathroom Remodel Tips

Are you also interested in bringing unique bathrooms to your home? Here’s the stuff you can remodel in the bathroom so you can stay long in the bathroom.

1. Bathroom Window Curtains

You can decorate your bathroom interior by installing the bathroom windows curtain, which aims is to prevent the water from squeaked onto the wall and the other side of the bathroom during your bath. But on the other hand, this curtain also helps you improve privacy in the bathroom. Not only that the right bathroom curtain selection makes your bathroom more beautiful and comfortable.

Bathroom remodel Window Curtains
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And when talking about the bathroom and the interior, then you will, of course, talk about the device in it, including bathroom curtains. When you intend to install the bathroom curtain, then you need to consider the color and pattern of the bathroom curtain so that it can fit the bathroom interior. You should keep in mind that even the shade of bathroom curtains can affect the narrow or expansive impression of your bathroom.

2. Bathroom Mirror

 Bathroom remodel Mirror

An important element of the bathroom design that is never forgotten is the presence of a bathroom mirror. Choosing the right mirror, not only increases the value of functionality. But it can also help to reinforce the concept and interior of a bathroom. Because when someone goes to the bathroom the first thing that becomes the center of attention is the existence of mirrors. Whether it’s a small or large mirror but mirrors are always the center of attention in the area.

3. Home Bathroom Remodel With Towel Rack

Towel Rack
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Simple, but crucial, towel rack or towel hanger we stick to the bathroom wall. There are special products for small towels, big towels, even both. Many types of towel hangers are available with different materials and shapes, of course, they have their own advantages.

4. Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom remodel Vanity

One of the most significant elements of the bathroom is vanity. Conventional Vanity only features a tub from a porter, a square or oval-shaped mirror, and a few drawers over it. But this time, you’ll find design inspiration and creative vanity models that you can place in your bathroom. Vanity can be made even by using obsolete objects that have been unused.

5. Bathroom Shelf

Bathroom Shelf
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When a house that you own is a mini-sized, space limitation certainly becomes one of the classic problems you face every day. No exception in the bathroom. In fact, as one of the most private rooms in the house, ideally, the bathroom should always be neatly arranged, so that the routine of bathing can make you feel refreshed and relax again.

6. Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot Tub
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The bathroom must have functional with complete furniture, like toilet, sink, shower and clawfoot tub. The bathroom using the clawfoot tub is a design that you may have seen. The bathroom design of the clawfoot tub day by day indeed increasingly trends, because it is very convenient for self-relaxation places.

7. Home Bathroom Remodel With Shower Tile

Shower Tile
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Looking for a bathroom floor idea for your house? The right bathroom floor selection not only makes bathing activities more enjoyable but also has an influence on the overall appearance of the bathroom.

The bathroom design is now increasingly concerned to bring a comfortable, relaxed and luxurious feel. Despite its small size, there is always an idea to make the bathroom feel spacious and magnificent. The selection of the bathroom floor motif gives a big enough in designing the bathroom.

8. Bathroom Wall Decor

bathroom wall decor

The atmosphere of a comfy and clean bathroom will certainly affect the mood of the person. Conscious or not, if we find the bathroom in dirty conditions, usually we will be in a bad mood. Bathing becomes lazy. Hence, bathroom design has a very big role!

No need to have a large size, even a small bathroom can be comfortable if you arrange it properly.

The bathroom wall should not only be beautiful but also functional. Bathroom walls must be resistant to moisture, heat, and stains. Tiles (especially ceramics) are a good choice for both, besides they also give the impression of luxury. For a rustic or more modern impression, wood with a waterproof coating can also be a beautiful choice. Another more economical choice is bamboo because it is leak-proof, heat and moisture but is more affordable in the bag. There are many choices of waterproof wallpapers. All you need to do is make sure your designer and contractor explain all the options comprehensively.

Interior Ideas for Bathroom Remodel

1. Minimalist bathroom

Minimalist bathroom

2. Rustic bathroom

Rustic bathroom

3.Mid-century Bathroom

Mid-century Bathroom

4. Pink bathroom

Pink bathroom

5. Industrial bathroom remodel

Industrial bathroom

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