Outdoor Hanging Plants Ideas

Hanging plants in the yard that can provide a lot of fun for the owner. Surely, people will be happy if at home there are many ornamental plants that make the house more beautiful.

Beautiful ornamental plants also affect for someone who sees it if the plant is good, people will love to look at it.

hanging plants

For you who want to be practical, we recommend trying hanging plants. There are so many types of ornamental plants or flowers that are suitable for hanging plants. Imagine, as far as the eye could see, the beautiful colors and the fragrance of the hanging plants were ready to welcome you at home.

1. Fuchsia Hanging Plants

Fuchsia Hanging

This plant was first introduced or found in the Caribbean. Basically this fuchsia plant is an ornamental plant that lives in shrubs and has a small size. When in bloom, this plant has very beautiful flowers. This flower has a very striking color that is purple.

2. Lobelia Hanging Ornamental Plants

Lobelia Hanging

Lobelia hanging flower is an ornamental plant that is suitable to be hung in places that are exposed to a lot of sunlight with soil moisture always controlled. Lobelia has a color that is dominated by light blue purplish-blue. In addition to purple, there are many other colors such as pink, red, white, pink and blue.

When these plants grow, the flowers will bloom. This lobelia flower will take up your time during summer because when summer comes you have to water it more often than usual season. And you have to give liquid fertilizer every 6 weeks.

3. Ornamental Hanging Plants  Begonia

Hanging Begonia

Begonia flowers are ornamental plants that are easy to flower. This flower can also be an option if you want to make a hanging plant. This plant is also a native plant from the tropics and subtropics. These begonias, if observed in more detail, are similar to roses in general.

For the treatment of this begonia flower, you must pay attention to the place and level of watering. When summer comes this plant should be put in a more shady place. Although begonias like it when placed in direct sunlight. The growing media used for this plant is better if it is always moist.

4. Ornamental Plants Geranium

Hanging Geranium

Geraniums are the dominant red hanging flower. This plant is better if it is hung in a garden. The bright color is to clear your stressed head. Geranium has the original name Pelargonium. Because the original geranium plants that are not liked by mosquitoes or anti-mosquito ornamental plants. This plant has 200 species of shrub perennial plants, succulent plants, and many others.

5. Hanging Orchid Ornamental

Hanging Plants Orchid

Orchid is one of the popular flower plants in Indonesia, and it turns out that orchids can also be used as hanging ornamental plants. Orchid plants will look beautiful if supported by a habitat that is similar to its natural habitat. Based on the place of growth, the orchid plant turned out to have a lot of species including epiphytic orchids, terrestrial, saprofit, and brassavola.

There are several alternatives, the first is the orchid stem tied with a wire or plastic rope and then hung on the porch. The next alternative is to plant an orchid planted in a pot that has been hung.

6. Black-Eyed Susan Vine Hanging Ornamental Plants

Black-Eyed Susan Vine Hanging

Black-Eyed Susan Vine is a hanging flowering ornamental plant. The flower of this hanging ornamental plant has a black central part with varying petal colors, from yellow, white, and red so that it is given the name “black-eyed” aka black-eyed.

The most popular types of Black-Eyed Susan Vine flowers are yellowish flowers because they are considered conspicuous and match their dark eyes. With dense leaves, these hanging vines are often applied to walls and hedges.

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