Girls Bedroom Decor

Designing the bedroom is not arguably. Each room has its own characteristics, depending on the occupants. The parents ‘ room differs from the children’s room. Likewise the girls bedroom and the boy’s bedroom. This description will discuss the design details of children’s rooms especially girls.

How to design a girls bedroom?

Girls rooms are basically more peaceably than men, here are some of the following common things to note before designing a girl room.

1. Girls bedroom theme

It is the core point before designing. Elegant, minimalist, queen theme, cartoon, dolls or flowers are usually to be selected by girls.

girls pink theme bedroom

2. Color

Bedroom color plays an important role to determine the ‘ life ‘ of the room. Choose cheerful colors such as pink, yellow, orange blue, or combine to see life.

bedroom color

3. Furniture

Customize furniture with room theme. To make it easy, buy a 1 set package consisting of a bed, a closet, a drawer of study/dressing table. It only needs to add a few touches to emphasize the theme.

bedroom furniture for girl

4. Decoration

Aims to emphasize the theme. For example by adding a wall wallpaper or special sticker in the closet. Girls generally have more quiet and submissive properties. They will be inclined to follow the wishes of parents.

bedroom furniture

Girls Bedroom Decor Tips and Inspiration

1. Simple and timeless by time

simple girl bedroom

It is important to remember that designing a girl’s bedroom is a room decoration that can be durable and grow together as it develops. Prioritize simple designs with timeless shades, such as painted walls instead of specific character-shaped wallpapers, selection of white or light furniture, and the backdrop of a neutral room.

By creating a “neutral canvas”, the bedroom of the girls will be easily adapted to the themes according to the age and taste without having too much unloading. In addition, rooms that are neutral in style will also look more relaxing and cool.

2. Beautiful and captivating patterns

beautiful pattern bedroom

Although simple and neutral, it doesn’t mean that parents shouldn’t experiment with colorful decorations or bright, cheerful motifs. In easy-to-change furniture such as sofas, a rechargeable headboard, up to small pillows are also easy to disassemble at any time. Because it is easy to replace, you can also provide bed linen motifs and other decorations that can make your daughter’s bedroom look fun.

3. Consider & Children’s character tastes


character themes bedroom for girls

Parents should also consider children’s tastes and characters when designing a girl’s bedroom. For girls that are indeed girly, prioritize a soft and feminine theme. Give a colorful girl room feel to your energetic little one. This kind of room design reflects its expressive and cheerful nature.

4. Ample Storage Place

storage place for gilr bedroom

A good girls ‘ bedroom should also have ample storage space or a child drawer. As she grows up, girls will have a lot of things to keep for her needs, whether it’s just ordinary accessories to her school textbooks. Find the storage space easily achieved by your child’s hands, but still safe and adequate in terms of shape and capacity.

5. Multifunctional Girls Bedroom


Multifunctional Girls Bedroom

The bedroom of the daughter is also a reflection and a safe space for her. In this bedroom, the child will learn, activity, and do other creative explorations all the time. Therefore, make sure the bedroom of the daughter is designed with comfort and support for all her needs, especially providing a study table or space to spend time with friends.

6. The simple and artistic touch of art

simpel artistic decor for girls bedroom

Beautiful and uniquely shaped headboard is able to give the impression of a special daughter’s bedroom. Not only a headboard shape with a unique shape, but you can also use a plain headboard. In order to make it look attractive, add decorations like a hanger some triangular decorative paper.

After listening to the tips and inspiration above, you can definitely decorate your child’s bedroom so that it looks more enjoyable. The little one so dares to sleep alone and to play in his room. Plus, it will be proud because the bedroom is more beautiful than the original one. Do not forget to remind her to clean her own room for the development of her independence.

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