Farmhouse Living Room Typical Decoration

The decoration of the farmhouse style is a decoration that is applied to the room with a combination of a warm atmosphere and nature blending. At present, the concept of a farmhouse living room is an attraction for homeowners, and therefore a trend of the farmhouse has emerged with a modern twist.

If you are interested in making a modern farmhouse design, here are some characteristics that you need to know.

Farmhouse living room typical design

1. Wall paint

Wall paint

Room wall decoration as the basis for every placement and room decoration. In this case, you can choose the basic white color on the living room wall.

2. Wooden floor


Furthermore, on the floor, you can make a wooden floor. Wood flooring you can make using real wood or can also use ordinary ceramics that have wood motifs or even use laminated wood floors. After finishing with choosing the basic colors of the walls and floor, we now turn to the choice of furniture and other decoration elements.

3. Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture

One important key to decorating a farmhouse is as close as possible to nature. Rattan is a good organic material for this design.

4. Large fireplace

Large fireplace

The design of this fireplace is fairly classic. With a fireplace design that looks traditional and also a variety of beautifully designed furniture and a frame of soda in the garden area above.

5. Farmhouse Chalkboard


Chalk slates hanging on the kitchen wall not only give a touch of country style but also useful for storing recipes or various other important notes.

Farmhouse Living Room Decor

1. Minimalist Farmhouse Living Room

Minimalist Farm House Living Room

Some designs might be too flashy for you, so we use a simple one. This is a minimalist farmhouse living room that needs some furniture and decoration to express the atmosphere of rural life. The coffee table has antique legs. The climax is reclaimed wood that appears to have been renewed. Wall accents in the fireplace area also attract attention.

2. Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

Neutral colors are used perfectly. The wall adopts a completely white theme, accompanied by a white wardrobe with several open shelves that serve as a display too. To balance white, choose gray on furniture, such as sofas, rugs and rustic wooden coffee tables. The surface of the table looks rough and the paintings are peeling, but that accentuates the feeling of a farmhouse.

3. Monochrome Farmhouse living room

Monochrome Farmhouse living room

At first glance, this living room looks like an ordinary modern space; However, hiding the quality of rural homes behind black paint. That’s not a brick wall; actually a wooden board. Another rustic piece is a coffee table. it has a natural rustic appearance. The surface even looks rough, but you can always polish it. In addition, the decorations represent the design of a farmhouse, such as a warehouse bucket on a table, vintage candles, and natural brown couches.

4. Living Room of Gray Farm House

Living Room of Gray Farmhouse

White is always chosen to decorate farmhouse spaces because of its clear surface to accentuate farmhouse pieces. However, the color grey can also function magically into a farmhouse space. As you can see, it dominates the entire space. A sturdy gray sofa fits into a free-standing coffee table and a coffee rack on the wall. The reclaimed barn forest is also used as a tabletop too. They look antique and antique; Apart from that, they have this faded look.

5. Old Farmhouse

Old Farmhouse

The living room is full of farmhouse decorations. The surroundings are filled with natural pieces or at least neutral colors. Look at the rug. Made from organic materials and environmentally friendly. In addition, the hearth which became its center consists of a brick-cut that strengthens the farmhouse, rural feeling. In addition, add some decoration, like a big cow painting there.

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