Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

A clean and hygienic kitchen with all the complete furniture is everyone’s dream. No wonder so many people are looking for dream kitchen inspiration for their homes. But it still chooses inspiration according to their wishes. Because a gorgeous kitchen will increasingly make the spirit of the mothers to pour love through delicious cuisine. What if you apply the concept of a farmhouse kitchen to your dream kitchen? It doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

The farmhouse is identical with a classic impression with a neutral color cabinet.

The concept of a farmhouse is also synonymous with wood material. So it’s no wonder that a classic impression can be created. The rustic table in the kitchen also supports the classic impression of this room. Some furniture and ornaments that look beautiful also reinforce the classic impression.

The white color on the cabinet

The white color on the cabinet makes the room look brighter. The wood material also gives a warm impression to this kitchen. Backsplash that uses the color of ash also gives the impression of light and brightness.

The use of this classic carpet

The use of this classic carpet makes the room look elegant too. Existing chandeliers not only function to provide lighting but also become an aesthetic element in the room.

Hanging lights

Hanging kitchen lamps look neat and attractive, especially the beautiful shapes of the lamps that are also an element of decoration. This kitchen is integrated with the dining room, so the room looks more spacious.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Here come some inspirations for a farmhouse kitchen style

1. American Farmhouse Kitchen

American Farmhouse

American farmhouse is identical to the classic impression and the cabinet is painted in a calm and cheerful color.

2. Green Tosca Farmhouse Kitchen

Green Tosca Farmhouse Kitchen

This concept comes through the use of a turquoise green cabinet that successfully became a focal point in the middle of the kitchen area.

3. Farmhouse Wall Decoration

Wall decoration

Wall decoration and plants above the kitchen set successfully give a classic impression.

4. Farmhouse Open Shelving Kitchen

Farmhouse Open Shelving kitchen

The main characteristic of this type of kitchen in the form of an open cabinet, a long table, and the natural atmosphere obtained from the windows to connect directly with the outdoors.

The selection of wood elements is dominant. For additional details, you can place family photos in a frame. On the side of the wall that is not attached to a cabinet, you can add a whiteboard with chalk to write memos or draw your own artwork.

5. Farmhouse Mini Market Look


6. Open Plan Kitchen


That’s all about farmhouse kitchen decoration ideas. To get more farmhouse kitchen inspiration you can see our kitchen board collection on Stella Home Design pinterest account. Hope you get inspired.

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