Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t have a dream bedroom design, for example, a farmhouse bedroom design. Although the farmhouse room design looks more suitable for homes in rural areas, it doesn’t hurt for you who live in urban areas to implement it.

Let’s look at the following farmhouse room designs for your inspiration

Farmhouse Bedroom Design Tips

1. An Elegant Black and White Touch in a Farmhouse Room Design

An Elegant Black Touch in a Farmhouse Room Design

Small farmhouse room design can actually look elegant with a touch of black on the head of the bed, the edge of the window, or the bedside table. To make the farmhouse room design look more natural, you can add green leaves on the edge of the window.

You can coat the walls with wallpaper with striped wood motifs, motifs like this can make the farmhouse room design wider. Do not use brightly colored or patterned bed covers, because this will only make the concept broken and out of tune. Install a wall lamp so that the room design can look more assertive.

2. Room Design with Shiplap Walls

Room Design with Shiplap Walls

Shiplap walls are one of the hallmarks of a farmhouse room design. For those of you who don’t know, shiplap walls are wood wallcoverings that are generally striped. Choose shiplap walls with soft or firm colors.

If you have trouble getting shiplap walls, you can use wallpaper or similar patterned wall covering as a substitute. On the other hand, the Bedside table indeed sweetens the design of the room, besides that it is also useful for putting a light sleep. But if the existence of a bedside table narrows the space, you can attach a wall lamp as a light sleeper.

3. Carpet as an Attractive Accent

Carpet as an Attractive Accent

If you are afraid to change a lot of things or afraid of making the room looks more crowded, your room can still use the design of a farmhouse room with a classically patterned carpet.

Combine white walls with pastel-colored bed sheets and blankets such as light green, gray, or light blue. You can add wall hangings such as sketches or carvings to sweeten the room design. Farmhouse room design turns out to be obtained in simple ways like this huh?

4. Design a Warm Farmhouse Bedroom

Design a Warm Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse-style room design is intended to bring back the atmosphere of a warm and peaceful countryside. Not only white is the main color of the room design, you can also use the other soft colors like yellow, light brown, light blue, etc.

Rattan chairs

To reinforce the antique impression on the room design, use furniture made from wood or bamboo as a variation. Rattan chairs and tables with a slim shape can also beautify the room without making it more narrow.

floral or geometric patterns on the bed cover

You can use floral or geometric patterns on the bed cover, aligning the color with the color of the wall for a more shady atmosphere. Cowboy or fedora hats can be used as wall hangings and strengthen the image of a farmhouse room design.

5. Farmhouse-style For Guest Bedroom

Farmhouse-style Guest Bedroom Design

A small room is very suitable if used as a guest room because it does not need a lot of furniture such as a large wardrobe. Just provide a place to hang clothes and bedside tables with drawers. Instead of adding a lot of furniture, place a large bed with a soft mattress and ethnic motif pillows. That way, the design of this guest room can accommodate two people even though the room is quite narrow.

To bring up a classic accent as a hallmark of a farmhouse style room design, place a colored candle holder in line with the room design on the bedside table.

6. Multifunctional Bedside Table Farmhouse Bedroom

Multifunctional Bedroom Bedside Table in Farmhouse Design

Bedside tables are not always useful for storing light sleepers or small objects, but it also turns out to be a great work desk Even though it’s small, at least this Bedside table can help you do light work or notes. You can also take advantage of antique tables and chairs inherited from your parents.

On the other hand, you can use a bed lamp that clings to the wall. To strengthen the design of this farmhouse-style room, natural landscape paintings can be a fitting room wall decoration.

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

1. Cozy farmhouse bedroom

Cozy farmhouse bedroom

2. Rustic and cozy bedroom of the farmhouse

Rustic and cozy bedroom of the farmhouse

3. Simple mini farmhouse bed

Simple mini farmhouse bed

4. Girls farmhouse bedroom

Girls farmhouse bedroom

5. Red accents farmhouse bedroom

Red accents farmhouse bedroom

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