Entertainment Centers and TV Stand Ideas

In this modern era with sophisticated technologies, TV remains a source of entertainment and information for most people, so the TV and its stands are still the main furniture at home. There are many models that can be used as an option and nowadays a minimalist TV stand is still the most frequently selected model until now.

There are a lot of choices of TV stands that are sold in furniture stores and can be ordered as desired. To get the most suitable model, here we summarize the model of minimalist TV stands worthy of inspiration:

12 Inspirational Tv Stands Design

1. Minimalist TV Stand

Minimalist TV Shelf

This model is one of the most commonly encountered models in minimalist houses. The shape is simple. It is enough to put the TV and some additional elements such as a DVD player.

2. Modern TV Stand

Modern TV shelves.
Photo by Andres Jasso on Unsplash

This TV shelf consists of two parts; the Left side to place the TV and the right place to put the speakers and decorations in the form of paintings. Models like this were deliberately chosen to make the viewing room impress more broadly.

3. Simple TV shelf

Simple TV shelf
Photo by Andres Jasso on Unsplash

The simple tv shelf model is quite simple because the shape is only a rectangle with two rack levels only. The top is to put the TV, and below for other small electronic equipment.

4. Mid-century TV shelves

Mid-century TV stand
Photo by Phebe Tan on Unsplash

Wood-based mid-century furniture always manages to create an impressive interior. This makes the wooden TV shelf worthy to be an option to make the room feel warmer and comfortable.

5. Solid wood TV Stand

Solid wood TV shelves

Choosing solid wood-made TV shelves gives some advantages to the owner. The benefits include durable, durable and good shape and color.

6. Wood TV Shelves Teak

Wood TV Shelves Teak

The TV shelf made from teak wood with a cabinet and a wall sticking to the walls. The shelves are arranged around the TV like the teak frame and make this TV viewing room impressed more magnificent.

7. L-shaped TV shelf

L-shaped TV shelf
Photo by David Švihovec on Unsplash

The Tv stand looks interesting with a lot of small shelves on each side. This shelf can be used as a place to store DVD players, CD sets, and places to place remote TVs to avoid loss.

8. Wood Pallet TV Rack

Wood Pallet TV Rack

TV stand with drawer on the front side, makes the TV room look neater because the small items that often make the room look messy, such as cable rolls can be stored in the drawer.

9. White TV Stand

White minimalist
Photo by Dario on Unsplash

Charming with the dominance of white color, TV shelf that each part of this large enough size is increasingly elegant because it is filled with various modern jars with unique and interesting forms.

10. Wooden Wall TV stand

Wooden Wall shelves
Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

The minimalist TV shelf attached to this wall not only serves to put the TV. You can also put other items like books in the closet on the left and right side as well as small decorations on the shelf on it.

11. Rectangular TV Stand

Rectangular cabinet
Photo by Nishank Rathore on Unsplash

Four white shelves are neatly arranged under the TV.

Not only useful as a place to put the goods but also add artistic value to the TV room this one.

12. Shelf TV hanging

Shelf TV hanging
Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash

The TV shelf attached to this wall has a simple but charming design.

Underneath there is only one shelf divided into three parts and enough to store your entire DVD collection.

Popular Etsy TV Stand Design

1. Modern tv stand minimalist

modern tv stand minimalist

2. Industrial pipe tv stand

industrial pipe tv stand

3. Industrial modern floating tv stand

industrial modern floating tv cabinet

4. Farmhouse style

farmhouse style tv cabinet

5. Chunky wooden tv unit

chunky wooden tv unit

6. Acrylic tv stand

acrylic stands

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