Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Most people who live in dorms do not yet know how important the decoration is to the comfort of a room. In fact, a suitable dorm room decoration can make a small room even feels comfortable to stay in. Some creative dorm room ideas can be applied for you to feel comfortable stay along in your dorm room,

Dorm Room Ideas for college

Students who live far away from the house aka wander around, usually choose to stay in the dorm. It also does some of the workers who make a living in big cities. While saving to buy a house, renting a dorm is much cheaper than renting an apartment alone. But don’t be disappointed, if the rooms are simple and without any decorations. Dorm room decorations can be arranged and individually decorated according to your creativity. Let’s get the inspiration below.

1. Dorm Room Ideas for guys

Dorm Room ideas for guys

2. Simple Guys Dorm room Decor

Simple Guys Dorm room Decor

3. Cool dorm room ideas for guys


4. Dorm Room Ideas for girl

Dorm Room ideas for girl

5. Tumblr Dorm room decor for girl

Tumblr Dorm room decor for girl

6. Color Scheme Girl dorm room

Color Scheme Girl dorm room

Dorm room decor ideas and tips

Many creative decor ideas for your dorm room to make it look more beautiful and comfortable for you to stay during your college or wander, here are ideas and tips you can try

1. Put Wall decal over your desk

Put Wall decal over your bed

You can create your own wall hangings. It can be abstract paintings, hand lettering, photo collages, quotes, or anything else you think is interesting. Attach the paper to the bold color with the color matching the room color, and then stick it on the wall.

2. DIY Dorm Room Wall Decor

DIY Dorm Room Wall Decor

Have a photography hobby using a polaroid camera? If so, just hang the results on the wall using a hemp strap and a clip of clothes!

Then, what if it doesn’t have a Polaroid camera? You can use a Polaroid-like photo print service on the marketplace and Instagram. Don’t let your photos be idle in your phone or computer’s gallery.

diy bedroom photo wall

You can decorate your wall with the rustic frame decor and place the photograph with a clip. Simple and easy DIY photo frame. Just give it try.

3. Dorm Room Lighting Decor


There are many ways to beautify the interior view of your dorm room. One is to choose a unique sleeping light to be placed in one corner of the room. More than just a source of lighting at night, the unique design will make the room feel more enjoyable and of course more comfortable to rest.

4. Dorm Room Storage Ideas

dorm room storage

If you are awake, you will be staying in the dorm room at this time. Report your dorm room to maximize your existing place. Storage ideas is a way to keep things from falling apart. Choose attractive storage with colors and designs that fit the concept of the room.

There are some storage ideas that you can use to decorate your dorm room, including the following

1. Collage Dorm Room Storage

Collage Dorm Room Storage

2. Dorm Room Storage Ottoman

Dorm Room Storage Ottoman

3. Dorm Room Storage Drawers

Dorm Room Storage Drawers

4. Dorm Room Storage Bed

dorm room storage bed

5. Dorm Room Storage Headboard

Dorm Room Storage Headboard

5. Wire Grid for Wall

wire grid of wall

Grid wire is a checkerboard frame made using small-diameter iron with a variety of Large size. The Grid can be hung on the wall or placed on the office table. The function of a grid wire is to attach or clip memos, photos, hangers, and other decorations.

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