DIY Hand Sanitizer at Home

One way to keep the body from bacteria and viruses is to routinely wash hands using soap and water. However, when soap and water are not available, it is recommended to use a hand sanitizer or a hand cleanser that contains at least 60 percent alcohol.

DIY Hand Sanitizer according to WHO guide

DIY Hand Sanitizer according to WHO guide

The World Health Organization (WHO) released formulas and guides to make hand rub or called hand sanitizer on the official site.

This DIY hand sanitizer is the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO). It is both inexpensive and easy to make.

What ingredients do you need?

Formula 1

  • Ethanol 96 percent 8,333 ml
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3 percent 417 ml
  • Glycerol 98 percent 145 ml
  • Cold boiled water or distilled water

Formula 2

  • Isopropyl alcohol 99.8 percent 7.515
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3 percent 417 ml
  • Glycerol 98 percent 145 ml
  • Cold boiled water or distilled water

Directions To Make Hand Sanitizer

Directions hand sanitizer

After everything is collected, the first ingredient that is first inserted in a bottle or container is alcohol. Afterward, pour the amount of hydrogen peroxide that has been measured. After that pour the glycerol and distillation water or boiled water that has been cooled sequentially.

If all ingredients have been inserted into the container or a bottle, directly close the bottle to prevent alcohol evaporates. Then mix all the ingredients and shake it slowly.

After that, the hand sanitizer can be placed in a smaller bottle with a size of 500 ml or 100 ml and then labeled it “Hand sanitizer “. Store it in a special room away from heat and fire for 72 hours before usage.

WHO explained that both hand sanitizer formulations are recommended for local or home production of a maximum of 50 liters.

To make your own hand sanitizers according to the WHO standard in the house with a smaller scale, the amount of each ingredient can be reduced but still with the same concentration and ingredients. Make sure to wear gloves and masks when pouring or mixing the materials.

Tips in making Hand Sanitizer at Home
  • Make hand sanitizers in a clean place. Clean up the countertop with the previous dilute whitening solution.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before making a hand sanitizers.
  • To mix, use a clean spoon and shaker. Wash these items thoroughly before using them.
  • Make sure the alcohol used for hand sanitizer is not dilute.
  • Mix all ingredients until thoroughly blended.
  • Do not touch the mixture with your hands until ready to use.

For more detail guidance in making your own hand sanitizers, check out the WHO official website here.

Is this safe?

There are many Hand sanitizer recipes are on the internet lately – but is it safe? These recipes above are meant to be used by professionals with their competence and ability to create the home-made hand sanitizers securely. Home-made hand sanitizers are only recommended in extreme conditions when you can’t wash your hands hygienically in the future.

Improper materials and proportions can cause some consequences like Lack of efficacy, which means that the sanitizer may not effectively reduce the risk of exposure to some or all microbes

Improper ingredient and proportion can also make skin irritation, injury, or burns. Exposure of hazardous chemicals through the inhalation of.

Home-made hand sanitizers are also not recommended for children’s usage. Children may be more susceptible to improper use of hand sanitizer, which can lead to a greater risk of injury.

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