DIY Projects For Bedroom Decoration

Almost everyone has a private bedroom, but not everyone fully pays attention to the quality of the bedroom decor. In fact, everyone would want to have a private bedroom that is of good quality and comfortable.

Comfort space is one of the determinants of a person’s sleep quality.

Quality sleep is believed to affect human performance in dealing with their routine. This shows that the design and arrangement of a good bedroom decor can be one of the determinants of our quality of life.

Here 5 things you might consider to decorate your bedroom.

1. Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom Interior Design

The right bedroom interior design can add a touch of luxury and style by improving the appearance of the bedroom. Lots of details that must be considered when designing a bedroom interior. The right interior design becomes quite complex planning and sometimes can be very confusing.

But with structured, systematic planning, focusing on details, besides of course asking for help and bedroom interior design services, you will easily pass the initial difficulties when designing the best room so you can have the aesthetic content needed.

Bedroom interior design is not merely a matter of beautifying space, but also a matter of utilizing space to be effective and efficient. The purpose of the bedroom interior design itself is a matter of improving function, enriching the aesthetic value and also improving the psychological aspects of a room.

Minimalist bedroom design

Minimalist Style

The characteristic of a minimalist bedroom that you can recognize is the color of the walls which are soft and also neutral. The color of this wall can be accompanied by a striking wallpaper but it still seems neutral and soft that you can use to liven up the atmosphere.

Usually the bedroom with a minimalist type using furniture that is not luxurious or more toward the simple. The equipment used can also use iron or wood equipment that is not too large in size but still gives the impression of an exotic.

For you who design a minimalist bedroom, furniture is usually dominated by black, white or ash. Avoid the use of equipment with teak or mahogany because it displays the impression of luxury.

Elegant bedroom design

Elegant Look

Generally, elegant bedrooms are identical to classic-style rooms with distinctive crystal ornaments and carvings on every corner.

A bedroom is said to be luxurious if it is built to the best specifications, filled with luxury furniture in it. This luxurious bedroom design adopts many modern tropical concepts but still elegant, although not a few who still like contemporary classic buildings. The concept of this modern bedroom is designed with the importance of the elements in it so that it is suitable and able to adapt to the climate.

Girls bedroom decor

girl bedroom

In decorating the bedroom, of course, color is very important. What’s more, if it is specific to the girl you care about. Thus you must give color to the bedroom with a color that is liked by your daughter.

Girls usually love feminine colors like pink, cheerful colors like navy blue or soft colors like white. Remember…! the purpose of designing this bedroom is to make your daughter feel at home in the bedroom. So, the color of the room must match the color your child likes.

Based on habits, girls usually like things that refer to beauty, tenderness, and funny things. Therefore, give a theme that is liked by your daughter. For example a bedroom with the theme of hello kitty, Doraemon, and themes in other cartoon characters such as berby dolls and many more themes that can be carried for your beloved child’s room.

Boys bedroom decor

boy bedroom

Boys tend to be active compared to girls. So it needs a room that is wide enough to play. Moreover, already familiar with the term learning while playing. Providing space/location for playing is influential enough to make children feel at home in the room.

Boys ‘toys tend to make the room more messy than girls’ toys. That is the reason why toy boxes are important in the boy’s bedroom. With a special place to store toys, you can also provide direction in order to educate children to clean toys when finished playing even though it is difficult.

2. Platform Bedroom Decor

Platform Bed

Platform beds are beds that are shaped like platforms or small platforms. The height can be adjusted to your desires and comfort, usually between 30-50 cm. Platform beds are frames of mattresses, usually made of solid wood or manufactured wood. This platform bed is plain and forms the base of a mattress. Basically, platform beds cabin beds are wider than the mattress used. The platform bed also can be used to store many items, such as shoes and books.

3. Hat Racks Bedroom Decor

Hat Racks

To get a comfortable residence with the neatness and cleanliness of the room. One important element in bedroom interiors is an important hat rack.

The hat rack is useful for storing a collection of hats to make it look neat and not easily damaged. The shape also varies, starting from a simple hanger attached to the wall or a hanging hanger by yourself.

4. Dresser Plan

Dresser Plan

A dresser plan or special drawer cabinets is a furniture that is provided in each bedroom. This furniture is provided for wardrobe and cupboard space. With this dressing table, your room will look neat and beautiful to look at.

5. Clothing Rack

Clothing Rack

Having a clothes rack is certainly very confusing if you do not have a special view, but if the clothes rack is designed with great, then it can not be denied then the display rack of your clothes will look attractive and will be beautiful. To get a beautiful and elegant appearance, you may not have to spend a little money. As long as you can have ideas, inspiration and brilliant design concepts, of course, it won’t cost much.

6. Bedroom Canopy

Bedroom Canopy

The beauty and function of the canopy with a special design on modern beds are generally intended for aesthetic and decorative elements. Canopies with certain designs are basically intended to present different dimensions or atmosphere in the bedroom.

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