Organizing Series: Decluttering Methods

Decluttering basically has the meaning of removing unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded place. So, decluttering it’s not just the activity is really ordinary. Not just sweep and mop and finish. Decluttering is also not just organizing the stuff to look neat. In doing decluttering basically has several decluttering methods.

You have to be good at sorting the items you have. You should be able to determine which items you should store, which items you have to dispose of, to which items you can donate.

Popular Decluttering Methods

Nowadays there are quite a lot of popular methods to declutter, it is good if you read first so that you can compare what is good and what is bad and find the most suitable for your personality.

popular decluttering methods
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1. KonMari decluttering method by Marie Kondo

KonMari decluttering method by Marie Kondo

“Tidying is a special event, don’t do it every day”. KonMari explained that there are 2 kinds of activities that are sorted out. Daily tidying (return items to the original place) and special event tidying.

Decluttering is categorized into special event tidying which of course the success will affect the frequency of our next sorted. So if we routinely follow the steps, we don’t need to do it often. According to Konmari, this process must begin by removing what is not necessary.

2. Minimalist game by Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn

Minimalist game by Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn

Mins game is a method that every day we are required to release the goods, the second day of releasing 2 items and so on. Famous as a challenge on social media like Instagram. Usually, we feel not sure to get off the stuff. But, if it is packed in the form of a challenge and in tag friends, the pressure to decluttering the goods may be reduced as well. You can check #minsgame to see people who have already done this challenge.

3. Packing party by Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn

Packing party by Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn

Packing party method takes the approach that we imagine when we want to move and surely only bring important items. In addition, make us more sensitive or aware of the items that we do not need in our daily life.

4. Four-Box method by Joshua Becker

Four-Box method by Joshua Becker

This is one of the easiest conventional ways. By preparing 4 boxes for the goods that will trash, treasure, or transfer. After that, decide on each item to put in which box. This method is performed in each space zone with the same rules.

Benefits of Decluttering For Life

As already mentioned, Decluttering is a method you can apply to start a minimalist lifestyle. Decluttering has many benefits. Definitely this activity will make you feel more comfortable at home because there is no pile of useless stuff. Besides, unconsciously, your habits in decluttering your home will be created over time.

Benefits of Decluttering For Life
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In addition, decluttering will help to stop the impulsive shopping habits, because after doing so you will feel reluctant to buy new items that are not too needed. You will also appreciate the goods.

By donation, you can also benefit others, right? Furthermore, decluttering helps you avoid stress. You’ll also get time efficiency because things are easier to find.

If you have successfully applied to declutter, you can also weigh to implement a completely minimalist lifestyle. The minimalist lifestyle is popular in Japan and is inspired by the classical teachings of Zen Buddha. His followers are invited to live simple, adequate, and minimal living, so there is no need to have many objects.

Followers of this lifestyle do not mean poor or have no money, but they believe that having too many things will make people unhappy.

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