Organizing Series: Simple Tips How to Declutter Room

Decluttering or declutter room is often considered as a difficult thing to do by most people. Starting from the number of items that must be cleaned up until the limited time that available.

Most people have many piles of items that are rarely used or unused and do not have essential functions. Therefore, the goods should be discarded or donated. Well, here it is, 10 ways to declutter room (decluttering) that is quoted from the book “Art of Minimalist Living” by Francine Jay:

Tips How to Declutter Room in Your Home

1. Start Over

Start Over declutter room

Free up space. When we want to minimize the contents of the closet, then uninstall and empty the contents of the entire closet. This is done so that we can actually choose which items to go in and out. After all the goods are removed and placed in one place, we will be able to decide which items are still in use or not.

2. Trash, Treasure, or Transfer

Trash, Treasure, or Transfer declutter room
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After sorting the contents of the cabinet will be left items that are not put back, ie items that are not worth using or rarely used. Provide one large cardboard and then put all the items we still consider if they will still be used or not. Once you’re done sorting, think back on whether the items need to be stored, discarded or given to others.

3. Reason for Each Item

Reason for Each Item
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Each item should have a strong reason why it is stored. Know the usability of each item. The goods are divided into functional, decorative and emotional. Decorative items only serve as decorations and emotional goods are the items we love though not beneficial. What we are going to keep is the functional items that we will use for survival.

4. Everything in Its Place

Everything in Its Place
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Reposition each item that was used to its original place. Often times we have trouble finding the necessary items because they put the goods carelessly. If every item is placed in place, each surface will be clean from the scattered goods and the house looks neater.

5. All Surfaces Clear

All Surfaces Clear
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All flat surfaces such as floors and tables should be left blank and tidy.

6. Modules

Modules declutter room
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Prepare rooms to store items by dividing them according to your needs. Free space will help us breathe relief in the house.

7. Limits

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Limit the number of items you have like clothes, shoes, accessories or any other. Do not just because you like, we have an item with an excessive amount. Quoted from Forbes magazine, a woman in 1930 had only 36 clothes but now a woman could even have 120 clothes while 80% were rarely used.

8. If One Comes in, One Go. Declutter room principal!

If One Comes in, One Go
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If there is one new item in, remove one old item of the same type that is outdated and the time of retirement. It is we who determine out the inclusion of goods into the space we have.

9. Narrow It Down

Narrow It Down
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Reduce unused old objects or items that have not been used. A little item will lower the stress because we do not bother thinking about its treatment.

10. Everyday Declutter Room

Everyday (Daily maintenance)
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Take care of the house to keep it neat every day. Consistent care is important.

Easiest Items to Start to Declutter Room

Easiest Things to Start to Declutter Room
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  1. Old Magazine/Newspaper
  2. Papers, Bills, Recipe
  3. Medicine/Vits
  4. Old makeup & Parfume
  5. Canned food % Spices
  6. Duplicated Items
  7. Old Clothes
  8. Dried Pens
  9. Promotional Stuff
  10. Old CD/VCD/DVD
  11. Broken battery and cable
  12. Single socks
  13. Old Towels

Your home will look neater with simple declutter tips like the one described in the explanation above. It takes extra hard work and patience in starting your home decluttering. Want your home to look neat? Just give it try. Fighting!

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