5 Interesting Facts about The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is also known as the Salt Sea because the salt levels are too high. It is located between Israel and Jordan. Here are 5 Interesting Facts About the Dead Sea that you must know when visiting Jordan. Do not expect this lake to be very scary, as the name suggests because there are many interesting things and facts in this lake. Apart from the uniqueness, it turns out that it holds several facts and other uniqueness. Below you will find 5 interesting facts and the uniqueness of this mysterious sea.

1. The Name

dead sea name

The name of the Dead Sea is published from the Hebrew translation of ‘Yam ha Maved’ which means ‘Sea of Killer’, whereas in Arabic it is called ‘Bahrul Mayyit’ which means “Dead Sea” also

2. It’s Turn Out to be Lake

dead sea lake

The Sea of Dead turns out to be a Lake because it is located on the mainland. Even so, in the end, this is a beautiful lake. This lake has become very phenomenal. Aside from the previous one, what attracts tourists to visit this lake in the sea is a fund that can make all objects float and will not be installed, including humans. So for those of you who can’t swim, don’t worry about this lake because you’re guaranteed to float by itself.

3. Sea or Lake?

sea dead or lake dead

Named by “Sea” Dead, not “Lake” Dead because its length reaches 76 km and its width is 16 km. Embedding the name of the Dead Sea or the Dead Lake depending on the lake has a broad size like the ocean, its length reaches 67 Km, width of 17 Km with a surface area of ?? 810 Km2. However, with a broader size, there is no life in the vicinity around the lake, either in ora or in the fauna, it is difficult to survive there.

4. The Lowest Place in The World

lowest point on earth

The Dead Sea is the lowest place in the world, with an altitude of 417.5 meters above sea level. Is the lowest point on the face of the Earth, located between the territory of Israel, Palestine and Jordan, in all valleys with a height of 417.5 meters or 1,300 feet below sea level, this sea is located at the bottom of the earth’s surface, so it is deepest on the surface of the earth currently still held by the Mariana Trench and its highest point is occupied by Mount Everest (8,848 m).

5. Large Salt Content

big salt

The dead sea salt has very large salt content (33%). It can make us able to float on its surface. The contributing factor is this lake has a very high salt content, even the salt content depends on the two salted lakes in the world after the Assal lake in Djibouti. The salt content is 33.7% or 8 times more than ordinary lakes. With that much salt content, there is no right life for the life that can survive in the air of this dead sea lake. Because of the salt content, it’s almost impossible to survive in the Dead Sea.

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