Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

Who does not know the main function of the coffee table in the living room? Yep, without that table, we are less comfortable to welcome guests or relatives who just visit or drink coffee and talk about serious things.

but this time, we look at designs that present something other than the main function, that is impression and comfort.

Type of Coffee Table

Circular Coffee Table

The first design is a circular coffee table that at a glance resembles a seat.

The table is dominated by wood material to pursue the desired pattern.

In addition to the main function as a table, in the middle is designed in the form of a circle to place books and magazines that can prevent visitors from boredom. then, if the living room uses iron-frame furniture, this beautiful round wooden table should be used as a breaker of a boring atmosphere and gives a unique impression.

Chunk Wood

The second table design is no less unique than the previous table. a table made of chunks of wood that is cut and preserved, then attach a thick glass above it gives a very eccentric and unique impression to the guests who visit. a typical table like the one above is very easy to make because of its simple construction and follows the original shape of the wood.

The natural wooden table as above must be balanced with other furniture that is more minimalist design. The installation of glass shapes can also be varied depending on their individual tastes. if you like the antique and eccentric impression, this table is suitable for your design reference.

Wooden Coffee Table

The natural wooden coffee table

The next table design is a wooden coffee table. The top of the table is in the form of pieces of wood that form a pattern, and in addition, there is also a fairly large table underneath to store magazines, books, and drinks.

This table is suitable for those who like the impression of a simple and functional appearance.

For those who like coffee in the living room, the table design as above is very suitable because it meets the criteria.

Box-shaped Table Design

A table design t

A table design that is stacked and box-shaped gives an impression of neatness in the living room.

Under the table is unique because there are small drawers that are tucked. Although in terms of materials and construction a bit wasteful, but a table like the above is worth it to boost the interior theme.

Classic Minimalist

minimalist coffee table.

The fifth design is a classic minimalist coffee table.

A rectangular table with aisles and drawers in the middle provides enough space for the owner to move. Cone-shaped table legs give a unique impression.

However, the weakness of the table is the curved table lip that can result in items that are located on the edge prone to falling.

Two-Tone Ava Mid-Century Modern Table

Two-Tone Ava Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables Set

Mid Century Modern Coffee Table Set

Popular Etsy Coffee Table

Here is 7 popular Etsy coffee tables furniture that can be your choice.

1. Bamboo Coffee Table

bamboo coffees table

2. Herringbone

herringbone tables

3. Circular Mid-Century Design

circular mid century table

4. Nightstand Rustic

nightstand rustic

5. Round Rustic Industrial Hairpin

round rustic table

6. Small Modern Reclaim Wood

reclaim wood table

7. Vintage Ercol Table

vintage ercol table

Hopefully, these living room coffee table design references are useful and can be a source of inspiration.

Choose a table design wisely, according to theme, function, and cost. Enjoy.

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