Characteristics of Scandinavian Interior

The Scandinavian state is made up of several countries in Eastern Europe such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland. The Scandinavian architectural design began to be introduced at design exhibitions in America and Canada circa 1950. When it was introduced the way the Scandinavia people lived in a well-known design today, namely beautiful, simple, clean, as well as inspired by nature and the northern climate, are easily accessible and available to all circles. That’s all about Scandinavian characteristics.

The interior design of the Scandinavian style is widely applied in Western countries, especially since the interior design focuses on simplicity, utilization of each room with a still look elegant and beautiful. The Scandinavian interior design has a very important element that is good lighting. Lighting is expected to provide a warm and comfortable impression on the room.

The Scandinavian Interior concept is one of the popular interior design styles compare with the other types of interior design. It looks simple but still interesting and unique to make Scandinavian Interior often so practical choice in realizing the dream house.

But, what exactly is Scandinavian Interior? In fact, recognizing the Scandinavian Interior style is not difficult because of the characteristic traits and characters that you can generally find in Scandinavian Interior. Here are the general characteristics of the Scandinavian interior style that you can easily identify!

1. Dominant Neutral Color Scandinavian Characteristics

Dominant Neutral Color Scandinavian Characteristics

Entering the room with the Scandinavian concept, you will be welcomed with light colors and generally neutral. The white color is usually a dominating color in the Scandinavian interior concept and then refined with other light and soft colors such as the lighter blue, light brown, and neutral pastel colors.

2. The relatively large window and openings and natural lighting

The relatively large window and openings and natural lighting

The bright nuance in Scandinavian Interior is not only obtained from the colors, but also because the openings in Scandinavian-style interiors are also relatively large with maximum natural lighting.

3. Scandinavian Interior synonymous with warm wood Material

Scandinavian Interior synonymous with warm wood Material

The presence of wood elements in the Scandinavian interior is also one factor of the Scandinavian interior style that remains to look warm. This wood element usually does not appear dominant and applied to the floor, ceiling, or furniture.

In the Scandinavian interior style, this wood element has no contrasting color. Light brown and white color is usually the choice to bring wood elements.

4. A minimal Scandinavian Interior Detail

A minimal Scandinavian Interior Detail

Not only on the furniture selection in the overall element of the room also generally has a character of detail and minimal in Scandinavian Interior The whole room is usually very neat and simple, but the addition of decorative elements also tends to use simple decorations that are not excessive.

5. Natural decoration complement

Natural decoration complement

Natural Scandinavian Interior decorations are commonly used generally using natural decorations such as indoor plants and also decorations made of wood materials.

Although the selection of decorations is also a simple decoration, because the neutral and bright colors dominate the room, these decorations can still be outstanding and still attractive.

6. Hardwood Floors for Scandinavian Characteristics

Hardwood Floors for Scandinavian Characteristics

The characteristic of the Scandinavian style is the use of hardwood floors. The wood used for the floor tends to have a pale or dark color. It is recommended to use hardwood floors for the entire room of the house except in bathrooms or other wet areas.

7. Characteristics of Scandinavian Furniture

Scandinavian Characteristics of Furniture

Scandinavian-style furniture must be very attentive to detail and use high-quality materials. Another feature of the Scandinavian style design interior is its minimalist shape and is symbolized by line motif. This simple and assertive shape is also represented in the architecture and furniture design inside the house.

The Scandinavian-style furniture is perfect for urban style. The urban interiors are more dynamic with a sleek model of furniture, the same as with the Scandinavian furniture. Despite the minimalist impression, Scandinavian furniture has high artistic value.

8. Emphasis on functions

emphasis on function

The function is the most important element in Scandinavian style design. A comfortable home is an open, airy home, and allows its owner to live easily. The Scandinavian-style Interior focuses on the function to provide comfort for the entire household so that the arrangement of space is more designed to not complicate homeowner movements. As such, people who are in it will feel comfortable and at home.


With a predominantly white and warm Scandinavian theme, a refined and barely ornate furniture design, craftsmanship with impeccable detail and understated elegance, is the main characteristic of the Scandinavian home model. Natural lighting is considered very important, and many Scandinavian-style homes are characterized by the use of simple pastel colors that are barely minimal ornaments and materials.

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