Bohemian Decor Style

Not only urban, minimalist, and other various interior style. At this time, the bohemian decor style is being a trend.

Contrary to the minimalist style that looks neat and the layout is orderly, bohemian interior design even shows irregular effects, but that is where uniqueness and characteristic of this design.

This Design combines two ideas that are vintage and shabby chic combination. There is no provision in applying this idea, but there are many important elements that you cannot leave behind.

Characteristics of Bohemian Decor Style

1. Varieties of Indoor plants

Indoor plants bohemian decor

The green color of the plant becomes a colorful bohemian style complement. Add ornamental indoor plants in the room to reinforce the bohemian feel. You can use a terrarium plant (an ornamental plant in a glass vessel) or a green plant in a pot. Place or hang plants in the corners of the space.

2. Use vivid colors

Use vivid colors
Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

Some vivid colors are one feature of the bohemian style. Use some bright colors. The dark color will look ‘ dead ‘ for the bohemian interior style. White or bright colors can be a beautiful setting for some trinkets with crowded motifs or cheerful colors.

Examples of wall colors such as pink, red, turquoise are playful colors as well as a bohemian style fitting. You can use this color for the wall side combined with other clear colored trinkets.

3. Various Structures

bohemian decor Various structures

Bohemian style at a glance looks irregular, not symmetrical, many trinkets, etc. Bohemian ideas generally have no discipline, you can freely mix various structures into space.

For example, placing linen in addition to iron or wood, or placing copper over a clear color and style it into one unit. The more structures in the space, the bohemian shades are more.

4. Use Low Seats Furniture

Low seats bohemian decor

Bohemian Style gives the impression of joy, comfy, and intimate. You can create that atmosphere by giving extra lots of cushions sitting on the floor, or a low chair with upholstery next to the couch. It also can provide an extra short table to store books or drinks.

5. Touch of Line Motif

Line Motif

The lines Motif with some bright colors is a must-have material in bohemian style.

Bohemian Style is similar to the motif of stripes as well as geometries with some bright colors such as pink, red, Tosca, yellow, playful orange. Make sure you complete the interior with this element, for example on a couch, pillow, or carpet.

6. Irregularities of Bohemian Style

Irregular bohemian decor

Bohemian appearance is similar to irregularities. But it doesn’t mean you’re not setting it up really.

For example, you can keep a pile of sofa pillows recklessly but conceptualize and don’t look as messy. Alternatively, you can save the cloth with a motif on your couch with a diagonal.

Popular Bohemian Decor Ideas

This popular bohemian decoration ideas might be your option to remodel your home interior.

1. Bohemian decor with tan leather sofa

Boho decor with tan leather sofa

2. Greeny orange bohemian decor

Greeny orange decor

3. Boho chic decor

Boho chic decor

4. Boho desert decor

Boho desert decor

5. Boho chic apartment decor

Boho chic apartment decor

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