Big cat names do not refer to certain breeds or types of cats. Big cat is a term used to distinguish cats that are larger than the size of cats that we usually encounter. Judging from the body size of the cat family is divided into two, namely small cats and large cats.

Most big cats come from Panthera types, such as tigers, lions, tigers, and jaguars. Apart from Panthera, other types of cats are classified as big cats because of their size.

Cheetahs of the Acinonyx type, Cougar Puma of the Puma type, and Caracal belong to the big cat category. Although now Caracal cats have been used as pets, actually they are animals that live in the wild.

Big Cats Types

Here are the facts about big cats that you need to know:


As we know that animals have their unique sounds which they emit as a way of communicating. If a small-sized cat makes a sound that we usually call by meowing, it’s different from a big cat. The sound they make is sprayed with a roar.

Not all big cats can roar, for example, snow leopards or snow leopards. Cougar, cheetahs and cloud-spotted clouds also don’t roar. While the big cat with the loudest roar is a lion. No wonder they were dubbed the king of the jungle because their roar alone could be heard up to 8 to 10 km.

Characteristics of Big Cats

1. Tiger

big cat - tiger
Bengal tiger

Tiger or whose scientific name is Panthera Tigris is one of the biggest cats in the cat family. They are commonly found in Northeast Asia, Korea, Russia, some in India and the Himalayas. Tigers weigh as adults to reach 423 kilograms.

The style of the tiger is like a fingerprint rather than a striped like a zebra. They like to soak in water while waiting for prey. At the beginning of the 20th century, the number of their species was recorded as 100,000 but now there are only around 4000 that live in the wild.

2. Lion

big cat - lion

Lion or the scientific name Panthera leo is the only family of cats that live in groups and have alpha. Most lions live in the savannah. Their weight can reach 272 kg as an adult.

3. Jaguar

big cat - jaguar

Panthera onca is the scientific name of Jaguar. The largest cat species in America that has a deadly bite. It is the strongest species of cat that can even defeat a crocodile. Adult weight can reach 136 kg and they are spread in Arizona, New Mexico, and northern Argentina.

4. Cougar

puma cougar

Cougar is a type of puma that weighs up to 120 kg as an adult. Spread in southern Argentina and Alaska. Their eyes are very observant of the big cat family.

Differences Between Jaguar vs Leopard – Big Cats



Jaguar (Panthera onca) and Leopard (Panthera pardus) at a glance look the same. But the two are different. More precisely is similar but not the same.

Jaguar and leopard differences are seen in the color pattern of fur and spots, physical form and distribution area of the population.


big cats - leopard

spots on the Jaguar appear wider than leopard spots, which appear denser. spots on the jaguars seem wide and look empty, not like a leopard-like there is a black spot in the middle of the speck.

In terms of physical both are also different. Jaguar looks bigger, fatter and heavier. While leopards tend to be leaner and taller.

Likewise, the distribution area. Jaguar is in Mexiko as far as Argentina and South America and lives in rain forests and low-lying mountains. While leopards are spread from Africa, Europe, and a little Asia, and live in grasslands, steppes, savannahs, swamp forests. Leopard is also found in Indonesia.


big cats - panther

The two species above are also black, Black Panthera or commonly referred to as Panther. The black color is due to Albino, which is an abnormality in skin color pigments. Although it looks black, but the pattern of fur is also speckled when examined closely. In contrast to Cougar (puma), although albino, but the black color, there are no spots on the fur, aka plain.

King Jaguar

Of the two species, there are named after kings. The pattern of fur and spots are wider and slightly darker. The color and pattern of its fur almost resembles a clouded tiger. Although the same size as Jaguar in general, but this type, including super. This type of super birth is rare. The possibility is only 1 to 50 to 70. This supertype can be created, it is said according to scientists caused because of genetic abnormalities. So jaguars and super leopards are very difficult to find in the wild.

Differences Between Panther vs Leopard – Big Cats


Facts, Features, and Behavior

The term panther is usually used to refer to black or dark colored breeds and jaguars. This is not a different species, unlike leopards. The native beetles came from Asia, Africa, and America. Panther is a strong cat that has adapted well to a variety of habitats around the world including tropical forests, marshlands, marshlands, grasslands, deserts, and mountains.

They are one of the strongest climbers of all cats. Unlike normal leopards and jaguars, spots on their black fur are not easily identified, unless you look closely. Besides, panthers have very shiny fur, unlike their normal types. The unique feature of the panther is the presence of emerald green eyes.

The back foot is slightly longer and bigger than the front foot. Beetles are very smart, strong and agile and generally like to live alone. The hunters tonight usually like to spend time during the day to rest in the trees. Like many other large cats, beetles are considered endangered animals mainly because of the loss of habit in the form of deforestation.


Facts, Features, and Behavior

Leopard is a medium-sized cat that originates from sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia. It belongs to the family of the large cat Felidae. Leopards are solitary animals and are considered to be very nimble opportunistic hunters who usually hunt at night. There are seven different subspecies of leopards.

They differ in appearance and geographical location. The most common and widespread subspecies is the African leopard. Leopards can be easily identified by their long, slender bodies with short, muscular legs and long tails. Leopards inhabit various types of habitats including rain forests, savanna trees, deserts, and mountains.

Leopards are very good climbers. Men are significantly bigger than women. They have thick fur and long fur with black spots that can be distinguished.

Main Different – Panther vs Leopard


  • Panther: Panther is not a different species but is usually used to refer to jaguars and dark leopards. Dark coat color is due to excessive melanin pigment.
  • Leopards: Leopards are different species originating from Africa and Asia.

Physical appearance

  • Panther: Has sharp green emerald eyes and shiny dark fur.
  • Leopards: Leopards have thick yellowish-brown fur with black spots.


  • Tiger beetles: Beetles can be found in America, Africa, and Asia
  • Leopards: Leopards are found in Africa and southern Asia.


  • Panther: Panther is bigger than a leopard.
  • Leopard: A leopard is smaller than a panther.

Difference Between Cheetahs and Leopards – Big Cats

big cats - Cheetah

Cheetahs, cats that have spots on their body hair. If we look at a glance, the Cheetah will look very similar to a leopard. But apparently, they have a rather striking difference.

Especially if we look at their faces. Leopards look fat, and Cheetahs look slim with lines that run from eye to mouth.

Morphological Comparison

Body shape

Like other Panthera species (lions, tigers, jaguars), leopards have fat, powerful bodies. While Cheetah has a slim and aerodynamic body.

Claw shape

Leopard claws can be pulled inside like a lion. Whereas Cheetah can’t pull its claws inside.

Pattern on the body

Although both have a pattern of spots. Big leopard spots (some are small). While spots on Cheetah tend to be small.

Face shape

Cheetah’s face is small and slender with a black line on her eyes (to the mouth). While leopards look bigger and fatter.

Comparison of Behavior


Cheetahs eat animals like Antelope. Leopards prey on animals such as monkeys. This is because their habitat is different.

How to hunt

Leopards hunt by pouncing on prey. Cheetah is different, they rely on their speed, and while hunting, Cheetah touches the prey’s hind legs so that its prey falls.

Habitat comparison

Leopards are scattered in various habitats, on the Asian-African continent. Leopards also exist in Indonesia, while Cheetahs only exist in the African grasslands.

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