A Good Choice of Bedroom Paint Colors

Did you know that the bedroom colors greatly affects the quality of rest and sleep?

Are you one of the people who have trouble sleeping? Hmm, this might happen because you are experiencing a lot of thoughts, stress and, various other problems, causing sleeplessness. Another thing that can affect your insomnia is the problem of cleanliness and bed layout. For example, the room is so dirty, of course, makes you feel not comfortable to sleep, right?

Apart from the physical, mental, cleanliness, and layout of the bed, it turns out the choice of room paint colors can also affect the quality of your sleep. Therefore, let’s look at some bedroom paint colors that can make you easier to sleep soundly next!

1. Cream color

Cream bedroom colors

In addition to your bedroom looking more elegant, cream color is also a color that can make your mind and desire to sleep increase. Besides that, the cream color also makes the room look cleaner and more comfortable to rest. Especially if there is a window on the side of the room that can make natural sunlight enter in the morning. Wow, it must be really comfortable sleeping!

2. Grey bedroom colors

Gray Bedroom colors

Silver or light grey color is also great for bedroom paint. This color can be mixed and matched with a variety of other colors, for example, the color of bone-white, so when you sleep more relaxed. However, avoid dark grey, yes. It is said that this color actually makes people hard to sleep and sleep is not sound.

3. Blue bedroom colors

Blue bedroom colors

Not too old and not too young, this usual blue is a color that can make you more relaxed and feel calmer. The color of the sky is indeed quite beautiful to look at. In fact, you can sleep for 8 hours nonstop you know if the color of the bedroom paint is blue. If you notice, many public places like spas, hospitals use blue.

4. Yellow color

 Yellow color

The yellow color referred to here is not bright yellow, but rather a slightly faint yellow. This color is a symbol of fun and can make you feel more cheerful, even when you wake up the mood can immediately increase. When feeling happy or cheerful like this then you will fall asleep more quickly and soundly.

5. Orange color

Orange color

This color is very warm indeed, reminiscent of autumn and breezes. No wonder that this color can stimulate you to fall asleep faster and even feel cooler in the room.

6. Green color

Green color

Of course, the green color in question is not bright green or even electrically yes, but normal green. When you turn off the room lights and replace them with dim lights, the green color can become very mellow and appear darker, making sleep more comfortable and peaceful.

7. White color

White color

The most neutral color among all may be white. If you are a simple person, most will not like the other 6 colors above, of course, the final choice you can use white. However, as much as possible mix this white with blue or green, for example, you can wear a green bed sheet in a mattress, a blue wardrobe, and so forth.

8. Pink Bedroom colors


During this time, the color pink is always synonymous with everything girly. In fact, this color can provide a calming and peaceful impact on the room. In fact, according to feng shui, pink is believed to be able to control the energy in the room so that it can create a calming atmosphere. So that’s why this color is suitable for a girl’s bedroom decoration.

For the bedroom itself, use pink with a calm character like a dusty pink. Aside from looking cute, bedrooms with dusty pink-colored walls are also believed to reduce the risk of stress and depression.

9. Light purple

Light purple bedroom colors

Another color that is a good color for bedroom paint is light purple. This color looks nice and warm. Light purple will be very beautiful combined with white and purple colors that are older or purple shades of pink.

10. Light brown color

Light brown bedroom colors

Not without reason light brown color was chosen as the color of bedroom paint which is good for health compared to the color of dark brown. The light brown color, including the color that makes it comfortable, while the dark brown color tends to make someone lazier so less enthusiastic when starting the day.

11. Tosca bedroom colors

Tosca bedroom colors

Tosca is a combination of green and blue. This color can be your choice if you feel bored with just blue or green. In addition to the comfortable impression, Tosca’s color also has a cheerful impression so that it can arouse the mood.

Of the various colors of the bedroom paint above, which color do you prefer? Where is the color of your sleep right now? Also avoid colors that are too bright even make your eyes hurt like highlighter yellow or bright red, yes! These colors can make your head dizzy and even sleep soundly.

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