Bedroom Colors Ideas

Bedroom Colors – Are you one of those people who have trouble sleeping or even insomnia? Hmm, this could happen because you are experiencing a lot of thoughts, stress, and various other problems that cause you to have trouble sleeping. Another thing that can affect your insomnia is the problem of cleanliness and bed distribution. For example, the room is so dirty that it makes you feel like a receipt for sleep, right?

In addition to physical and mental cleanliness and bed layout, it turns out that the choice of your bedroom color can also affect the quality of your sleep. So, let’s take a look at some of the bedroom paint colors that can make you fall asleep below.

Great Bedroom Colors Ideas

1. Beige color

Beige color

In addition to making your bedroom look more elegant, beige is also a color that can make your mind and desire to sleep increase. Besides that, the cream color also makes the room more comfortable and look cleaner. Especially if there is a window on the side of the room that can let in the natural sunlight in the morning. Wow, the sleep must be really comfortable!

2. Gray

Gray Bedroom Colors

Silver or light gray is also ideal for painting bedrooms. This color can be combined with various other colors, for example off-white, so that when you sleep more relaxed. However, avoid dark gray, yes. It is said that this color actually makes it difficult for people to sleep and sleep is not healthy.

3. Blue

Blue Bedroom Colors

Neither too old nor too young, this regular blue color can make you feel more relaxed and calm. The color of the sky is quite beautiful to look at. In fact, you can sleep 8 hours without stopping knowing if the paint color in the bedroom is blue. If you pay attention, many public places such as spas, hospitals use blue.

4. Yellow bedroom colors

Yellow bedroom colors

The yellow color referred to here is not bright yellow, but rather a pale yellow. This color is a symbol of fun and can make you feel more cheerful, even when you wake up the mood can immediately go up. When you are feeling happy or very happy, you will fall asleep faster and sleep better.

5. Orange bedroom colors

Orange bedroom colors

This color is very warm, reminiscent of autumn and gentle breezes. No wonder this color can spur you to fall asleep faster and even feel cooler in the room.

6. Green color

Green color

Of course, the green color in question is not bright green or even electric, yes, but ordinary green. When you turn off the lights in the room and replace them with dim lights, the green can become very soft and appear darker, making sleep more comfortable and peaceful.

7. White bedroom colors

White bedroom colors

The most neutral color of all can be white. If you are a simple person, you will at least like the other 6 colors above, of course the last option is to use white. However, as much as possible mix this white with blue or green, for example, you can use green sheets on mattresses, blue cabinets, etc.

8. Pink

Pink Bedroom Colors

So far, pink has always been synonymous with everything that is feminine. In fact, this color can provide a calming and peaceful effect in the room. In fact, according to feng shui, pink is believed to be able to control the energy in the room to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Rooms with pink dusty walls are also believed to reduce the risk of stress and depression.

9. Light purple

Light purple

Another great color for bedroom paint is light purple. This color looks nice and warm. Light purples work great with whites and darker purples or lilac shades of pink.

10. Light brown color

Light brown color

It is not without reason that light brown is chosen as a bedroom paint color that is better for health than dark brown. Light brown is a comfortable color, while dark brown tends to make someone lazy and less enthusiastic at the start of the day.

11. rough color

rough color

Tosca is a combination of green and blue. This color can be your choice if you are bored with only blue or green. In addition to a comfortable print, Tosca colors also have a cheerful print that can evoke the mood.

Of the various colors of the bedroom paint above, which color do you prefer? Where is the color of your sleep right now? Also avoid colors that are too bright even make your eyes hurt like highlighter yellow or bright red, yes! These colors can make your head dizzy and even sleep soundly.