Women's Studies

The Centre for Women’s Studies was sanctioned by the U.G.C. under the XI Plan in the academic year 2009-2010 and was inaugurated in December 2010.The Centre seeks to consolidate and strengthen many initiatives of the college towards women’s education, research and interventions on gender issues. As a resource centre, it takes up research and documentation in the field. The Centre also seeks to focus on linkages between activism, intervention and academics. Working across languages, it hopes to build a local thrust.

The Centre, which aims at educating and sensitizing young women, endeavours to realize its aims of empowering women through programmes in areas such as Legal Literacy, Skill Development and Environmental Issues, with a specific focus on gender aspects. The Centre plans to address burning issues like Communal Harmony, Violence against Women and Children and Crisis Intervention as the need of the hour, through seminars and workshops. The Centre also plans to network with national and international women’s groups to strengthen solidarity and to build resources for positive cultural interventions through theatre, film and social advertising. The initiatives of the Centre are focussed on Teaching, Research, Training, Documentation, Field Action and Linkages.

The activities of the Centre are planned and organized by a team of faculty who are interested in gender issues, some of whom are well recognized in the field of women and gender. With the objective of sensitizing the student community, the Centre has organized short term courses, and competitions, as well as awareness and training programmes. The Centre also conducted a programme for the administrative staff in collaboration with the IQAC of the college. A Disability Audit was also conducted in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Disability Federation, Disability Rights Authority and Need Trust.

Members of the Centre from the Departments of Economics and Sociology will offer General Elective courses on Women’s Studies and Women and Identity from the academic year 2011-12.

Dr. Benita Marian of the department of Social Work is the Coordinator of the Centre.