24 February 2018 was a special day for the Students’ Union 2017-18 as it witnessed the celebration of its Annual Clubs Day of Stella Maris College- Horizon 2018! “Horizon” depicting the line the earth meets the sky, was suitably chosen to represent the student community of the college who are encouraged to challenge the sky as their limit, enhance their talents and seek to widen their “horizons” by participating in various clubs hosted by the College.

The day was marked by performances of the Western Music Club, Light Music Club, Western Dance Club, Classical Dance Club and Folk Dance Club. The crowd was in raptures to see the thrilling dance performance of “Highkicks”, a popular dance crew. They were elated as they joined their hands together to the tunes of Violinist Shravan Sridar.

Development of skills and talents is very important for holistic growth. In order to promote extra-curricular learning, a host of workshops were also conducted by eminent personalities in their respective fields.

Horizon 2018 was well received by the student community. To acquire knowledge and grow requires a great sense of commitment towards broadening one’s horizons.