That time of the year has arrived, when one Union’s term comes to an end and another takes over. In order to look back and celebrate the year that has gone by, the Students’ Union 2016-17 held the Union Day on 15 March 2017. Ms. Abarna M., Vice President of Students’ Union 1998-99 was invited as the Chief Guest and as she reflected on how the world has changed from then to now, her address left the crowd with a hundred points to ponder on.

The General Secretary’s report listing the achievements and activities of the Union during the past year, the Treasurer’s report and the Cultural Secretaries’ report which spoke of the various cultural events held in College were then presented..

The Students’ Deans played a mini game by asking the students to guess which Union member best fits the description they read out. This excited the student body but gave the Union members a few seconds of eager, and yet nervous, anticipation.

During the investiture ceremony, the incoming Union 2017-18 took their oaths.

Nothing is ever complete without song and dance. Both the outgoing and incoming Unions together put up a dance show that had the audience cheering wildly. It was truly a splendid day to see the students appreciating the Union they had elected just a year ago and recalling the moments spent with them.