25th February 2017 was a special day for the Students’ Union 2016-17 as it witnessed the celebration of the first ever Club Fest of Stella Maris College- Horizon 2017!  “Horizon” which depicts the line the earth meets the sky, was suitably chosen to represent the student community of the college who are encouraged to challenge the sky as their limit, enhance their talents and seek to widen their “horizons” by participating in various clubs hosted by the College.

Hence, the day, a celebration of the College’s clubs, was marked by performances of the following Clubs: Western Music, Light Music, Western Dance, Classical Dance , Folk Dance , Mime and Drama. Two eminent teams from the entertainment industry were invited to perform. The crowd was elated to see the thrilling performance of “High On Dance”, a popular dance crew. There was no stopping the students as they joined their hands together to the tunes of “Namma Ooru Boy Band” led by Mr. Josh Vivian, a well-known name in Chennai.

The development of skills and talents is very important for holistic growth. In order to promote extra-curricular learning, a host of workshops were conducted by eminent personalities in their respective fields as given below:

Mr. Shravan Krishnan – Protection of Animal Rights
Mr. Josh Vivian – Western Music workshop
Mr. Shiva Balaswaminathan – Basics of Photography
Mr. Solomon Victor – Workshop on Motivation
Ms. Tara – Basics of Kathak
Mr. Ram – Zumba workshop
Ms. Annanya Parekh – Women’s empowerment and personal branding
Ms. Jayashree Muthuraman – Workshop on Terracotta Jewellery making
Mr. Sudharshan Karthik V. – Quiz workshop
Mr. Sarvesh Sridhar – Workshop on how an actor prepares
Mr. Anwer – Western Dance workshop
Mr. Sashi Nair – Critical writing in sensitive situations
Mr. Karthick – Workshop on Native dance forms
Ms. Subhashree  Ramachandran – Workshop on Music and Musicality
Ms. Dhivya Krishnakumar – Mime workshop

The event also saw various stalls put up by the student entrepreneurs of the college, selling several articles.
A day where learning meets fun is a day well spent. The students welcomed the first club fest and hope to see many more in the following years. Acquiring knowledge and growth of oneself requires a great sense of commitment to broadening one’s horizons.