Dr. Nirmala Kanagaraj
Msc., M.Phil., P.hD.
  • Head,Dept. of Botany(1997-2000)
  • 2011 till date Former Head PG Dept. of Biotechnology (2006-2009)

Studies on the epidermal leaf surface using growthRegulators, Loyola college, University of Madras.
Studies on the bacterial flora associated with some Marine green Algae ,Presidency College,University of Madras.

    Seaweed Research and Utilisation-National Journal Vol 22 Nos.1&2,2000
  • On the occurrence of nitrogen fixing bacteria as epibacterial flora of some marine algae. Thevanathan R.,Nirmala M ManoharanA,GangadharanA,RajarajanR,Dhamotharan R, Selvaraj S
  • Occurence of Ureides and their role in nitrogen assimilation in marine algae Thevanathan R.,GangadharanV,VeerabadranManoharan A, R,Dhamotharan R,Nirmala M
  • Enzymes of nitrate assimilation in Marine Algae, Thevanathan R. V,Veerabadran ,Gangadharan V, Manoharan A, R,Dhamotharan R,Nirmala M
  • Antioxidant activity of few traditionally used vegetables – National Seminar on Role of Traditional knowledge in Biodiversity Conservation, Livelihood andSustainable Development
Plant Physiology,Microbiology,CellBiology,Molecular