The aim of the activities of the Photography Club is to document every event that takes place on campus through the medium of the camera, in both photo and video format. It also seeks to hone the skills of students interested in the medium, and to introduce interested students to the basics in the field.

To this end, the Club members :

Arrange workshops by professional photographers

•    Organize photo walks during non working days
•    Set up photo booths
•    Set up a viewing gallery of best the pictures taken by the members of the club.
•    Attend online and spot photography competitions.

The office bearers for the year are

President - Sri Ranjani, B.A. Economics, 3rd year

Secretary (Shift 1) - Veronica, B.A. Economics, 2nd year

Secretary (Shift 2) - Anjana, B.Com, 2nd year

 Faculty Advisor : Ms. Arokiya Priya Fine Arts Dept